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Digimon World Next Order Blessing Fans with PC and Switch release

Digimon World Next Order is finally being released on PC and Nintendo Switch after 5 years since its initial release. The sequel to the original Digimon World was only released on PlayStation, with many fans hoping for the game to be ported after Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition was released. The game will include new features and the announcement also teased new releases from the Digimon franchise soon. Fans will be able to finally enjoy this Digimon game on new platforms during 2023. 

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Digimon: Top 8 Rookies that deserve to be Digidestined Partners

There are many fantastic Digimon featured in the franchise but not all have been made into partners on a TV series. With so many Digimon released over the years, it’s natural that some have been left behind when new shows often add new Digimon characters. This list will compile all the great rookie Digimon that have yet to become a partner Digimon and here are the top 8 that deserves to be partnered in a series with a Tamer or Digidestined. 

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Daring Digimon Trading Card Game Offers Prodigious Gameplay For Fans

The Digimon Card game is the latest release from the Digimon franchise that has been completely improved compared to the original. Since its release, various starter decks and expansion packs have debuted, which has spoiled fans for choice. There is an abundance of amazing art found on these cards, which include various Digimon characters in stunning visuals and environments. New types of cards have also changed the strategies of Players for the game, such as allowing Jogress(DNA) Digivolution with cards that are duo colors. This review on the card game will cover its amazing core gameplay mechanics and the card variety that any Digimon fan will love. 

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