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Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo Revealed for Team

Images have revealed the Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo that combines the main 5 Robotaro with the two Robotaro forms belonging to Don Doragokuu. This new combination will combine the Don Onitaijin with the Toradora Gonjin in order to create this new formation. The new formation was revealed on social media but originated from a Japanese magazine that highlights the debut of the Megazord, which will be seen in future episodes. Here is a full look at the Super Gattai Robo for Donbrothers. 

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Daring Digimon Trading Card Game Offers Prodigious Gameplay For Fans

The Digimon Card game is the latest release from the Digimon franchise that has been completely improved compared to the original. Since its release, various starter decks and expansion packs have debuted, which has spoiled fans for choice. There is an abundance of amazing art found on these cards, which include various Digimon characters in stunning visuals and environments. New types of cards have also changed the strategies of Players for the game, such as allowing Jogress(DNA) Digivolution with cards that are duo colors. This review on the card game will cover its amazing core gameplay mechanics and the card variety that any Digimon fan will love. 

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