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Crunchyroll Celebrates World Cup with Spectacular Soccer Anime

Crunchyroll has fantastic anime to enjoy in celebration of the FIFA World Cup this year, which includes a range of soccer-based titles. The sport is the focus around the world as the kick-off begins between teams from around the world and shows have been highlighted to share the hype. These include fantastic titles from BLUELOCK! to FUTSAL BOYS!!!!!, and many amazing shows feature the sport loved and supported by fans globally.  

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Exciting New Crunchyroll February 2023 Home Video Releases

Crunchyroll has revealed some new anime home video releases that will be sure to get fans and collectors excited, especially for those who are still interested in physical media over digital streaming. Crunchyroll has announced several new titles coming to Blu-ray in February 2023, including Horimiya, The Slime Diaries, Love After World Domination, How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, and World Witches Take Off!

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ONE PIECE ODYSSEY: Follow the Straw Hat Crew On Their Perilous Journey in This Beautiful New Trailer

One Piece Odyssey has released a new trailer for the upcoming release featuring the Straw Hat crew of the popular anime video game. The Water Seven release trailer gifts fans and gamers a sneak preview of the role-playing game published by Bandai Namco. The adventure will see Luffy and his crew mates stranded on a mysterious island, which will test the bonds of friendship. Various editions of the game will also be available, with a Pre-order bonus and adventure expansion pack upcoming.

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