The official Ohsama Sentai KingOhger trailer has been unleashed, with the upcoming press conference for Sentai revealed. The trailer gives the first full live-action preview of the 47th Sentai, which will premiere on the first Sunday of March. The press conference has also been revealed for the upcoming series, which will reveal the cast featured for the Sentai team. The trailer also reveals the henchmen of the new Sentai series, which the Rangers will be fighting against.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the 47th Super Sentai series that includes a Royalty-Insect themed Ranger team. The Ranger’s arsenal has already been revealed to include a Switch-operated Sword Changer, a multi-transformable Sheild, and their Insect Guardian Deities known as Shugods. The first wave of toys has already been showcased for the new series, which will release just before the premiere of the first episode. The Rangers have been revealed to be leaders of different countries that are protecting from the Earth Empire, Bugnarok.  

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The team featured in the Sentai series currently consists of 5 Rangers, which will have a partner Shugod matching their insect motif. The first Robo for the Sentai series also includes another 5 Shugods for the main combination, with 10 machines used to form the King-Ohja. The team is composed of a Stag Red, Dragonfly Blue, Manti Yellow, Bee Black, and an unexpected Purple Butterfly Ranger for main team. These Rangers are known as Kuwaga Ohger, Tonbo Ohger, Kamikiri Ohger, Hachi Ohger, and Papillion Ohger, respectively. 

KingOhger Trailer and Press Conference Date

The first trailer for the Kingohger team was revealed after the 46th episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers and featured the 5 Rangers fighting against the henchmen of the Bugnarok. The press conference has also been revealed and will premiere the full main cast of the series that will appear in the premiere episode. This will include the 5 main Rangers and the other recurring characters, such as the allies or villains of the Sentai series. The trailer debuts the first live-action previews of the Ohger Calibur Changer, the Kings Weapon, and the Shugods, which are the upcoming release for the toy lines. 

It’s going to be fantastic to see the full episode of the new series, especially since the Rangers look perfectly detailed as seen in their images. A glimpse of the action is all that is shown in the trailer, but it’s a great demonstration of how the weapons and moves the Rangers will be using throughout the series. The Shugods preview and King-Ohja Robo were also great to see, but fans are dying to see the first transformation sequence of the new team. This trailer with the cast will likely feature after or during the press conference that will debut next week. 

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Ohsama Sentai Kingohger will premiere in Japan on March 5, 2023, with the first wave of toys released on March 4. The Press conference will be held on February 14 at 7 pm PT (12 pm JST), which will feature cast members and the theme of the 47th Sentai Series. For all coverage regarding the press conference, keep following for all details. 


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