First releases of KingOhger content have been shared online from various sources, which gives a better look at the team and its arsenal. This includes a full look at their Megazord, their multi-convertible Sheild, and even a better look at the Rangers. Information regarding the show and the background of the Ranger has also been revealed, which reveals each Ranger to come from a different country. The premiere date has also been revealed as official social media and webpages for the show are now live. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the first Super Sentai series to use a King theme, a full-insect team, and both combined in the history of the franchise. The latest team of Rangers was finally revealed when the official poster was released for fans to see the armored team of Rangers with a purple Ranger used for the first time as a core member of the team. The poster revealed a significant look at the 5 new Rangers for the series and also gave fans a first look at their Sword Morpher and main Robo for their arsenal.  

Official Ranger information and Magazine Images 



Information regarding the team has debuted regarding the origin of the Rangers and their backstory. A basic synopsis has also been released for KingOhger and sets up the history of their powers and the name of their foes. Magazine images have been shared on social media to grant fans a better look at the 47th Sentai series, which grants a better look at the Rangers, their details, and their arsenal. The images for the team include all 5 Rangers individually, their Sword Changer, their shield, and the whole Megazord. 

Ranger Backstory 

KingOhger Red

Each Ranger has been revealed to come from different countries, with each a form of a ruler and all renowned for a specific focus or specialization. As expected, each Ranger is a form of royalty in each country and will have roles matching their country’s defining attributes. The villains of the show have been released to be the Earth Empire, Bugnarok.

These countries were formed by the 5 warriors that defeated them in the past and each Ranger is linked to the Zord that represents their nation. An insect-themed castle has also been spotted in various official images, which could be a Hercules Beetle for a future Zord. Here are the names of the countries each Ranger originates from and their personalities, which also include what each country is renowned for.  

  • Shugodam is the strongest nation where a guardian deity resides, which is home to the self-proclaimed king, Kuwaga Ohger (red). He is described as brimming with a fighting spirit.  
  • N’Konpa, the land of technology, is home to the monarch, Tonbo Ohger (blue) who is extremely smart and competitive. 
  • Ishavarna, a country renowned for the arts and medical care, is led by the queen, Kamakiri Ohger (Yellow). Known as a Selfish Queen but will face danger to protect others. 
  • The land of ice and snow, Gokkan, is led by Papillon Ohger (Purple), who is normally calm-minded but unforgiving to evil.
  • Tohfu, a country known for its agriculture, is home to Hachi Ohger‘s (black). A nobleman described as a cheerful lord with an unpredictable fighting style.


It will be interesting to see if any other countries are involved in the new Rangers or if they will originate from the pre-existing selection. However, the base that has been seen in the official poster could be the ideal origin. Black and Blue have the best resounding match to their respective insect motifs, which include Bees working various roles to create honey and a Mantis’ precise attack strategy. There is also a wide selection of titles instead of just Kings and Queens, presenting many different personalities. Especially the Red Ranger, who is a self-proclaimed King instead of an official ruler as expected.  

Rangers and their Weapons 

The Morpher of the team has been revealed to be called the Ohger-caliber, a sword-based changer all Rangers use. It also has no items to attach to it and instead has 5 insect-based switches built into it. This means each Sword is the same, but the Rangers use their corresponding color on the hilt of the sword. The Sword also allows the team to contact their Zords and acts as proof of royalty along with the Sheild that the team will also wield.  

The Shield weapon that the team will use is called the Kings Weapon, which is a shield that can transform into 5 different weapons. This is like both Kyuranger’s KyuTheWeapon and Ninninger’s Karakuri Hengen, which are both able to form different weapons in one body. The weapon usually functions as a Shield, but each Ranger has a favored form which includes a Sword form for Red, a Gun form for Blue, a Claw form for Black, a Scythe form for yellow, and a Bow form for Purple. Here is a better look at the weapons along with the Rangers featured in the magazine images. 


The Sword and Shield are a fantastic combination, and it will be awesome to see them in action as each mode is used. The switches for each Ranger to transform is a significant change in design since collectible items have been used as inserts for Rangers individually. The shield is also a much-desired addition to a Ranger team and fans will love the combination featured for this new series. As there is no collectible like in past shows, it will be interesting to see what new additions will soon follow as the 47th Sentai progresses.  

Zords and Main Robo of Series 

The fantastic selection of Zords all forms the main Megazord for this new Ranger series. This latest Sentai Robo is 10 Zords that form one Megazord and is comprised of the 5 linked to the Rangers and 5 minor Zords for decoration and small components.

Each Zord is known as a Shugod in this series, which are the guardian deities that reside in Shugodam. The Stag Beetle, God Kuwaga, belonging to the Red Ranger is the largest and forms the body. This is followed by the Bee, God Hatchi, and Mantis, God Kamikiri, which forms the legs, with the Dragonfly, God Tonbo, forming wings and a Sword for the Robo. The Butterfly, God Papillion, is the smallest of the 5 and acts as a decorative Zord in the first formation as it only forms part of the Sword.


The Butterfly is much like the 5 other Zords that include 2 Spiders, Duel God Kumo, 2 Ladybugs, Twin God Tentou, and an Ant known as the Lone God Ant. These mini-Zords fill in the remaining areas and act as Decoration, filler parts, and add the missing components. The Ant Shugod is the coupling Zord that creates the Sword with the Dragonfly Tail and Butterfly Zord. The other two finish and complete the final Robo form with the Ladybugs forming the hands and the Spiders forming the chest and belt decorations.  

The Megazord may not be balanced for sharing equal space among each Ranger, but it is a fantastic design that appears powerful and tough. Each Zord has been designed for a specific role, but the 5 unexpected additions give more details and reduce the need for too much complexity. It will be interesting to see if any other formations will be made with all 10 or if new Zords will be used in the future to replace parts. Each Zord looks stunning on its own, but the Stag Beetle stands out with its size and great details. It will be exciting to see the other Zords that will soon debut including the Kabuto Beetle and Grasshopper.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will premiere on the 5th of March 2023 in Japan via TV Asahi. There are trailers expected as the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers reaches the end of its run. For the official social media and sites for the 47th Sentai Series, check out their Twitter and official pages for Toei and TV Asahi

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