KingOhger rumors are now painting a better picture of what fans can expect from the 47th Super Sentai series. The latest information suggests details regarding the Morpher, coin gimmick, Zords, and main items, plus clarifies the motifs of some of the Rangers. All these have been posted by Dukemon on Rangerboard, who has been sharing these discoveries with the Sentai fandom in the west. The rumors give greater details about the Ranger’s arsenal and highlight all the differences between the new Rangers and previous teams. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger was revealed to be the upcoming Super Sentai series in 2023. The new show will follow after the run of its predecessor, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, which has used a mix of themes and added complexity to the story. The first official teaser was recently released for the new Super Sentai Ranger team, which has always been a silhouette profile of a new Ranger team. The outline of the Rangers has aligned with previous rumors that suggest the team will be an Insect motif squad of Rangers, with vehicle motif armor. 

KingOhger Rumors for end of November 

KingOhger Official Silhouette High-Resolution Enhanced for better definition

The latest rumors will likely be the last relating to the full team before they are finally revealed in December. This is due to the event of the first image release that shows a new Ranger team in the first week of December. The rumors have granted fans a better idea of what the Rangers will look like, what they will be using, and all the features expected in the TV series. This list will go through each of the rumors released by Rangerboard’s Dukemon, in the order that they were posted. 

Morpher and Belt Buckle rumor 

The first recent rumor relates to the Changer that will be used by the Ranger team to transform. This Changer has been rumored to be a Sword that combines with a Ranger-specific insect item. This would be much like the Sword seen in Kamen Rider Kabuto for Kamen Rider Sasword. As previously anticipated, the insect CGI Zord and a physical vehicle Zord will be able to combine to create a unified Zord, which will be forming “matches”. The Belt buckle for the Rangers has also been rumored to be a touch-screen phone that summons the CGI insect monster, which may be reminiscent of the buckle from Tokkyuger.  

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If the armor of the Rangers is interchangeable, it would make sense for the Zords to be able to do the same, meaning all kinds of combinations could exist for the Megazord of this Sentai series. As previously stated by Dukemon, it makes sense that Super Sentai designers are sticking with weapons as the Changers as active Morphers are a better feature package for both kids and collectors to enjoy. The only thing that hasn’t been defined is the style for these items and many various potential sword designs would be amazing for a royalty theme. 

KingOhger Rangers rumor reveal Insect/Vehicle Motifs 

A huge chuck of rumors has finally revealed more motifs for the Rangers and their armor, along with some decorative details that haven’t been revealed. These include the motifs of the Red Ranger and all the vehicle armor, except for the Pink Butterfly Ranger. This includes Red expected to be a Stag beetle, instead of a Kabuto beetle, and armor motifs for the Rangers including red forklift armor for Red and a Helicopter for Blue. Details for the decorations on the Rangers and the coin engravements have also been presented, including antennae for the Pink and Yellow Rangers. Here is the full rumor list and the updated analysis based on the new rumors. 


The motif of Red’s vehicle armor is a much better match for the forklift but there are still rumors regarding the motif that can’t be ruled out yet. A Stag Beetle would be a better option since a Kabuto Beetle is usually the prime choice for the main Kamen Rider in a show. There is a huge mix of colors for each Ranger so it’s difficult to say for certain which rumor will be true, but fans should expect fantastic details for each Ranger and their armor. The coin design is expected to include the insect and logo on the back; however, it will be interesting to see what they have decided for the Sentai variants and their CGI monsters. 

Zord Summon and Coin Storage gimmick 

An update soon followed regarding a rumor related to the coins and Zord summoning, which involve the belt buckle and storage. These suggest that the touch-screen phone is used to summon the Zords in this Super Sentai series. This differs from Zenkaiger and Donbrothers, which stores the gears in the buckle design for both Rangers. The rumor also states that a coin storage box will be attached to the belt, to allow the Rangers to access any coin with ease. 

After having the same belt buckle design twice in a row, it will be nice for something new to be introduced in this new Sentai series. It will be interesting to see what this coin storage will look like as many design routes could be taken, especially with a royal theme. As the belt buckle phone will summon the Zords, it will be interesting to see if the coin will be inserted or if the individual insect items will be used instead. Either way, it’s great that they are finally deviating from the Morpher for Zord summoning. 

Rumors regarding Key Items, Coin usage, a new weapon, and how Items differ from Zords 

After so many rumors regarding the motifs and Rangers, a new post has been revealing how the rumored items will be used, including the Morph for this new team. The insect items for each Ranger mentioned by past rumors have been revealed to be a key items for the Morph sequence, which will be a matching size to the VS Vehicles seen in LupinRanger VS Patoranger. Each Ranger will have an insect matching their motif and will be able to attach to all roleplay items for the show, specifically the weapons expect to debut. 

The coins have also been described to be similar to Kamen Rider OOO’s medals in terms of size and shape. The rumor also suggests that the coins will be inserted into the individual ‘bugs’ rather than directly into the new Morpher. A revolver has also been mentioned as a new weapon that allows the bug item to be installed on the magazine, which sounds similar to the Magnum Shooter 50x from the recent Rider series, Kamen Rider Geats. In terms of toys, the item and CGI monster may be the same, but they may differ in the show. 

These insects that contain the coin will then be installed into the Sword Changer that was previously mentioned. The first images of the bug items will be a sought-after find as the rumors suggest a significant role since they are used for holding the coin and activating the Morph. This concept sounds like it’s inspired by both Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Kabuto as many elements could easily be compared to these past gimmicks. As the Sentai coins will be able to summon CGI monsters to combine with weapons, these may be released with the coin and this suggests the candy or Gashapon versions may not be like past shows. 


It’s astounding how much of a difference this show will be compared to the last two Super Sentai predecessors. Based on the rumors, there will likely be many toys and items for fans to collect, especially those who wish to obtain every item featured in the show. Depending on the first wave, we may discover the release schedule bundles that will be established for KingOhger, which has yet to be revealed. Hopefully, there will be enough space between each release for fans to easily gather the best of the listings before the next wave featuring the new additions or 6th Ranger.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will soon be releasing the first official image debut. This will show the 5 Rangers for the first time, which may be the same as the silhouette teaser. Keep following for any updates regarding the official releases and the premiere date for the 2023 Super Sentai series.  

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What do you think of the gimmicks for the 47th Sentai team? Are you excited to see the arsenal and toys for KingOhger? Which of these rumors are you hoping to be true? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content. 

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Source: Rangerboard