Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is one of the most highly anticipated shows, which will feature the new Cosmic Fury Morpher for the Rangers. This Morpher has been shown in art revealed of the new suits the Rangers will be upgraded to for their new mission in space. The Rangers of the show will keep the same motifs seen in Power Rangers Dino Fury, but as revealed by Simon Bennett, there are aspects of the show that are adapted from the Super Sentai Series, Kyuranger

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will see the return of the Dino Fury cast for another season, in which the Rangers will begin a new adventure in space after Lord Zedd’s escape. As the Cosmic Fury Rangers, they will be given an upgrade for their Ranger suits, which includes a redesign for all six Rangers while maintaining the prehistoric motifs they originally possessed. In addition to the new suits, the show will feature original footage with the expectations of the Zords and Megazords. The Zords that will be adapted for the show will be from the Space Sentai series, Kyuranger, which has various machines based on constellations.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher and the special future toy release 

The new Morpher has yet to be given an official name but has currently been called the Cosmic Fury Morpher, due to the name of the new show. This new Morpher is a Power Rangers original that combines the Dino Fury Rangers with the latest content featured in the next series. This includes the new Zords adapted from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, which uses globe-like Kyutama for both the Morphers, powers, and Zord cockpits in the show. The new Morpher combines the Dino design with this Sentai gimmick, which has been revealed by the art of the Green Cosmic Fury Ranger. 


The Morpher seen in the reveal art of the designed Rangers with colour matching Kyutama.

As seen in the image, the Morpher is based around the Tyranno logo seen in Power Rangers Dino Fury but includes a Sci-fi design with the Kyutama inserted above. This means that the show will have its first original Morpher since Power Rangers Jungle Fury, which uses Solar Morphers instead of the two-piece Gekichanger seen in Gekiranger. This suggests the gimmick for the show will be an adaptation of the Kyutama as these Cosmic Globes are also part of the design for the Zords, which the Kyuranger team used as cockpits. Jason David Frank previously sat in the Scorpion Rangers cockpit in 2019 during his visit to Toei Studios in Japan.  

It will be so exciting to see what the toy will look like when it hits the shelves, especially since fans always desire to show accurate products unlike Jungle Fury’s brand original Morpher and the toy previously released. The new Morpher is a fantastic balance between the Dino and Sci-fi themes, and it will be interesting to see if the Kyutama in the Morpher will act like a Dino Fury key or if it will be part of the mold. It will be awesome to see if there are any changes made to the Kyutama and the cockpits seen in the Zord version, but the footage for the Zords and Megazords will remain the same as the Sentai.


For now, the biggest release for the new toy line will be the Cosmic Fury Morpher from Hasbro, which could still secretly have a different gimmick than currently observed. Hasbro has been amazing with their Morphers so far and they are almost a show-accurate match to the version in the show. The only problematic difference is the gimmick items as both the Morph-X keys and Dino Fury keys have been drastically altered to a simpler and smaller form compared to the TV show counterpart. The new Morpher will likely see a better Kyutama adaption item compared to past releases from Hasbro but fans will have to wait for the reveal by Hasbro Pulse.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will premiere on Netflix worldwide in 2023, with the 1st wave catalog expected later in the year. More announcements are expected closer to the release of the 10 episodes coming soon. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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