There are many fantastic Digimon featured in the franchise but not all have been made into partners on a TV series. With so many Digimon released over the years, it’s natural that some have been left behind when new shows often add new Digimon characters. This list will compile all the great rookie Digimon that have yet to become a partner Digimon and here are the top 8 that deserves to be partnered in a series with a Tamer or Digidestined. 

Digimon has featured many duos over the years, with iconic Digimon such as Agumon, the most common partner to various Tamers and Digidestined. Each series often includes new Digimon characters, but certain games and other releases have allowed a different selection never seen in the TV show. The concept for the partnership is mostly used for character development by awarding stronger evolutions based on the bond, except for Digimon Frontier which sees Digidestined becoming Digimon through Spirit evolution. The most iconic partners are often the mascots of the series or game, including some of the following from various releases. 

  • Agumon and Tai – Digimon Adventures 
  • Veemon and Davis – Digimon Adventures 02 
  • Guilmon and Takato – Digimon Tamers 
  • Agumon and Marcus – Digimon Data Squad (Savers) 
  • Shoutmon and Mike – Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars) 
  • Heriessmon – Partner for Digimon ReArise 
  • Gammamon and Hiro – Digimon Ghost Game 
  • Agumon and Takuma – Digimon Survive 

Top 8 Digimon that deserve partnership 

Digimon Adventures


There are numerous Digimon that have been great partners in the franchise, which would produce a huge list. However, there are still many that would be amazing to see partnered with characters in a series, story-driven RPG, or even a live-action debut. For this list, we are only using rookies that aren’t featured as a partner in a series or a recent video game. The reason why only rookies are on this list is due to the large number of Digimon in the database. In addition to the use of Rookie Digimon, many evolutions would allow certain higher levels to ultimately become partners as a result. Here is the list of the top 8 rookies that would be amazing partners. 

8 – Pomumon 

Pomumon art and debut in Digimon Adventures Reboot

This odd bird monster is actually plant-based, with a body that is practically fruit. This has been previously seen in the Digimon Adventures Reboot, which also included monsters featured in the Vital Bracelet DIM card, Hermit in the Jungle. Even with wings, it is unable to fly which bears a resemblance to the struggle that Biyomon/Piyomon have to maintain flight. Although seen as timid in the reboot series, it would be fascinating to see this become a partner that would be willing to fight. 

7 – Pulsemon 

Pulsemon VB art and mascot in Vital Bracelet commercial

Although the mascot for the Vital Bracelet, this sparkling creature has yet to be realized into a true character outside of the Vital Bracelet. Much like Gammamon in Digimon Ghost Game, this mascot seen in the DIM card, Impulse City, has different branches of evolution. The greatest feature of this Digimon is how they are linked to physical activity, which makes them amazing to see what type of character they would be partnered with. There are many routes for a story involving Pulsemon as a partner Digimon and seeing their characteristics brought to life would be a joy to witness.  

6 – Fanbeemon 

Fanbeemon art and debut in Digimon Adventures Reboot


The insectoid is a cute bee monster that carries the X antibody-like Ryudamon. There are so many stories that could be created for this Digimon and their partners could also have limitless potential, including having a mechanical or knowledgeable background like many Tamers with insectoid Digimon. 

5 – Penguinmon 

Penguinmon art and art featured in Digimon Trading card game

Penguinmon is an old-school creature that has a similar design to fur-wearing Gabumon but is a bird known to be found in an ice region. This one has always appeared to be overlooked as a partner, however, it is believed to be the Rookie form for Kenta Kitagawa’s Marineangemon. This little guy has so many interesting abilities and attacks, such as sliding on the ice at over 60 kph. Such a creature would be amazing to finally have in the spotlight and partnered with a kindred spirit. 

4 – Ghostmon 

Ghostmon art and art featured in Digimon Trading card game

This ghost has recently been added to the spotlight thanks to the Vital Bracelet DIM card, Dynasty of the Evil. This seems much like a mix between Wizardmon and Meramon, with various spirits and Witchelny Digimon as part of its line. A spirit would make a fantastic partner and could be used for serious and comedic purposes. Aside from being partnered with an interesting character, it would be generally amazing to see a spirit as one of the protagonists.  

3 – Liollmon 

Liollmon art and art featured in Digimon Trading card game


This lion Digimon is actually a holy beast that first appeared in Japan for the toy Digivice, Digimon Accel Justice Genome. This Digimon also looks a lot like a true lion and has an evolution that maintains the aesthetic. There are many ways this Leo Digimon could be given a full line and it would be interesting to see the kind of character this Digimon would be partnered with. As a type of holy Digimon, it would be a fantastic addition to any story that will see this holy beast Digimon as part of the tale.  

2 – Bulucomon 

Bulucomon art and art featured in Digimon Trading card game

This ice Digimon is a mini dragon that is also featured on the Vital Bracelet DIM card, Blizzard Fang. An awesome looking Digimon that would be great to see as a featured Digimon, there is already a decent amount of backstory for this monster. This includes his connection with Penguinmon and Gabumon from the ice regions they all share as a home. It’s not hard to believe that this Digimon could be a fan-favourite and would make a fantastic partner for a future character. 

Honorable Mentions 

From Left to right: Heriessmon, Bearmon, and Elecmon from Digimon ReArise game. Plus, Legend Arms Digimon, Zubamon and Ludomon.

There are many Digimon that would have been amazing to add to this list. This especially includes Digimon that included as partners in Digimon ReArise, such as Bearmon, Elecmon, and Heriessmon. Although these Digimon were partners in the video game, many would still love to see these Digimon brought out as partners for a full feature adventure. Legend Arms Digimon would also be fantastic partners for a future series, however, these Digimon would ultimately be expected to be key story Digimon. This is especially due to their ability to form weapons as seen in past releases, such as Digimon Xros Wars

1 – Commandramon 

Commandramon art and art featured in Digimon Trading card game

As a Digimon holding a rifle, it’s understandable why this Digimon has yet to make his appearance in a show. However, the fact that Digimon has this aesthetic makes him stand out above the rest. The infantry Digimon is part of the D-Brigade, which is a special faction of mechanized, Dragon-Type cyborg Digimon. The concept of adding this Digimon as a partner already opens so many possibilities for the story regarding the Tamer and character growth. The kind of personality expected from this Digimon would be very similar to Digimon such as Monodramon or Gaomon, and it would be exciting to see this Digimon as a core character in any release.  

Whether it be a new series that includes some of the Digimon mentioned or even a game like Digimon Survive that highlights all of them, these Digimon would be fantastic additions to a team of Tamers or Digidestined. Some of these Digimon have yet to have their series debut and its surprising that certain Digimon have yet to appear. The franchise is going to continue growing as Digimon has so released so much recently. It will be fantastic to see what new release will follow and what Digimon could be included in the next adventure.

What do you think of our list for Digimon in series or video games? Do you agree with the selection of Digimon that deserve to be partners? What other Digimon do you think should be partnered with a Tamer or Digidestined? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following us for more Digimon