Premium Bandai has surprised fans with a new Zenkaiger Memorial Edition release for StaCeaser’s Geartozinger. The purple Ranger of the 45th Sentai is known as the Dark Ranger of the series, which originally started as an evil Ranger aligned with the Kikaitopia Dynasty, Tojitendo. Stacey who transformed into the Ranger, used a Morpher that was created by Mechanic Office, Ijirude, which is a Gege variant of the main Changer of the Kikai Sentai team. Not long after the Zenkaiger Geartlinger Memorial release, this Morpher will now be released as part of the line. 

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger currently has 6 Rangers, 1 Dark Ranger, and a stage-show exclusive as part of the Ranger team. Stacey was introduced early into the series during episode 6 as a character with a dark history as part of the Tojitendo. He was the neglected son of general Barashitara and his 893rd wife, making him a human-kikainoid hybrid. By working with Ijirude, he gained the same technology as the Zenkaiger team but with Tojitendo-influenced design. StaCeaser was a key villain in the story with a Ranger form based on Battle Japan and acted as a mirror-image of Kaito/Zenkaizer. The Ranger also gained his own Robo and the upgraded form, StaCeaser Kyoka. Eventually, Stacey overcame his hate, rage, and envy, mainly thanks to Kaito and his Grandma, which led him to join the Zenkaiger team in the final battles.


Whereas the Geartlinger has a design like Secchan, the Geartozinger is based on his Tojitendo opposite, Gege. As StaCeaser, Stacey was able to summon Rangers to fight, much like Basco from Gokaiger. He also had the ability to summon Robo from different Sentai series, and later in the show, a dark version of Zenkai-Oh Juran Gaon. All the Ranger’s abilities had limits and often were defeated or destroyed by his opponents. After the Rangers saved all worlds, Stacey returned to Kikaitopia to rebuild but still has his Changer and Powers if needed again. 

Zenkaiger Geartozinger Memorial Edition Release 

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition

The Memorial Edition of the Morpher will be given a show-accurate increase in size, which was given to the Premium Bandai release of the Zenkaiger Main Changer. Voices and lines from both Stacey, portrayed by Ryo Sekiguchi, and voice actor of Ijirude, Masanori Takeda, will be featured in the Premium Bandai release. The Gege-themed Changer will be upgraded much like the main Changer seen in the Sentai series and will come with exclusive Die-cast Dark Sentai Gears. These gears include StaCeaser’s Ranger Gear, Dark Gear versions of 5 different Ranger series, Dark Gear of Juran and Gaon, and an exclusive Tojitendo Gear. Here are the images of the latest Zenkaiger Memorial Edition release. 

The Premium Bandai Geartozinger certainly needed an upgrade like the main Morpher of the series. It’s great that the Changer will be getting an upgraded release since the Geartozinger original toy was also released as a premium item. The barrel doesn’t rotate, which is the main feature that is shown accurately since the barrel doesn’t move in the show. The accurate size and voice actors starring in the Morpher are the best features, but the Tojitendo Gear does not activate any sounds. This makes sense as the gear was never used in any Morpher so it works great as a prop item. Any collector of Zenkaiger will want to grab this perfectly scaled replica but won’t be a great cosplay item without the spinning function. The Changer also features the following additions that will be part of the Morpher.

  • Also includes Transformation sound after Power-Up for StaCeaser Kyoka 
  • BGM includes 3 songs including “Sorrowful Warrior” 
  • No visible screw holes are previously seen in the original toy 

The Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Gertozinger Memorial Edition is a limited item, which will be released on the 31st of March in 2023. Pre-orders are currently available in select Toku stores and will be priced at approximately 120.47 USD (16,500 yen).

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition

What do you think of Gertozinger’s Memorial release for StaCeaser? Did you enjoy Stacey in Zenkaiger? Which release are you hoping for next in the Memorial Edition line? Let us know in the comments below, and keep following our social media for more Super Sentai content like this. We’re always watching, don’t forget.