BOOM! Studios have announced the creative team that will lead the Power Rangers comics into a new age. The team consists of writer Melissa Flores (Power Rangers, The Dead Lucky) and artist Simona Di Gianfelice (Firefly), who will be working on creating future content for the franchise. Their first issue will continue the story of the Power Rangers with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101. The announcement was made during San Deigo Comic-Con during the panel relating to the 100th issue.  

The Power Ranger comics first appeared from BOOM! Studios during the Neo-Saban era in 2016. The releases have produced countless exclusives and originals that had never been seen before in the TV series of the franchise.

The stories have not only added to the depth of the original Mighty Morphin team but have also allowed epic events to take place, plus grant more stories to other seasons. This includes the iconic Shattered Grid event and one-off comics Soul of The Dragon, The Psycho Path, and Sins of the Future. There have even been brand-new Rangers introduced including the Omega Rangers, Solar Rangers, and even evil ranger Lord Drakkon, who has yet to appear in any live-action production.

Melissa Flores and Simona Di Gianfelice begin the RECHARGED Era for Power Rangers Comics 

Melissa Flores Power Rangers

A new installment for the story was announced during Thursday’s ‘Charge to 100 and Beyond!‘ Panel at SDCC. The ‘Recharged’ era announced will be written by Melissa Flores who previously worked as a producer for Power Rangers. Flores played a significant role in productions during the Neo-Saban era, including working with HyperRPG to produce Power Rangers Hyperforce. Flores has spoken about the thrill of returning to Power Rangers to start a new era that she claims will push the limits of the franchise. 

“Being able to write MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS is a literal dream come true, and I can’t stop pinching myself. The coming issues will feature a wild ride that will aim to honour the incredible history of this iconic series and push the Rangers to their absolute limits.” 

Melissa Flores, Writer for BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101


Alongside the Ranger veteran is Italian comic book artist, Simona Di Gianfelice, who has worked for various Italian comic book publishers. She debuted as a series artist for BOOM! Studios’ All-New Firefly comic series but has previously worked on various Power Rangers comics, where she has collaborated with Daniele Di Nicuolo, Eleonora Carlini, and Francesco Mortarino. The artist also shared her enthusiasm to work on the next era that the Power Rangers comics have entered for BOOM! Comics.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of the comic book series I’ve always wanted to illustrate! So full of action and emotion. I’m really excited to start this new adventure with all of you, so pick up a copy of issue #101 and prepare to be amazed!” 

Simona Di Gianfelice, Artist for BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101

The art of the new issue will also see acclaimed artist Mateus Manhanini (Black Panther) as the creator of the main cover art. Variants will also be released with covers produced by illustrators Bon Bernardo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Francesco Tomaselli (Heavy Metal), David Mack (Daredevil), Dani Pendergast (Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer), and more. Here are the images of the main and variant covers available for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101.

“The CHARGE TO 100 brought everything together in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, now discover the bold new future for the bestselling franchise in the RECHARGED era as the Rangers reunite to tackle new challenges and face new threats. Rising star writer Melissa Flores and Artist Simona Di Gianfelice reunite all of your favorite Rangers, recharged and ready for a bold new direction for your favorite Teenagers With Attitude that begins right here this October 2022.” 

BOOM! Studios, during SDCC ‘Charge to 100 and Beyond!‘ panel

It’s so exciting to see the return of Melissa Flores to the Power Rangers franchise. Her work has been an iconic legacy since she left as a result of Hasbro’s changes that occurred after the Power Rangers Beast Morphers production.

The contributions Flores has made with Hyperforce have proven that the team will bring a great number of epic events to the franchise. The artist contributions of Gianfelice will bring the story much vibrance and will greatly highlight the action featured in the coming issues. It’s unclear what the team of the next era has in store for fans, but it’s likely that other seasons of Power Rangers will be considered. It will be hard to imagine an event as big as Shattered Grid, however, it will be exciting to see what may appear. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101 will be available and released in October 2022. The BOOM! Studios comic will feature a story written by Melissa Flores and illustrated by Simona Di Gianfelice. 

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What do you think of the BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comics? Are you excited for the RECHARGED era? Will you be getting issue #101 when it is released? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.