Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles is having a big week inside and outside of SDCC 2022.

Among the most popular booths in San Diego Comic-Cons since at least 2013, are the Bluefin booths. Bluefin is now Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles, and they are even bigger now. They will have five booths, a panel, and a bunch of exclusives. On top of that, on one of their brands, Premium Bandai, they just launched their Instagram and announced that Goku’s evil Saiyan Dopplegager, Turles/Tulece is available for pre-order. It is a huge week for Bandai Namco Collectibles and while we’ll be sharing the info with you here, we absolutely cannot wait until Comic-Con so we can capture and share the experience with those who can’t make it.

Premium Bandai Launches Official Instagram

Follow: @premiumbandai_usa

S.H. Figuarts Tulece Available for Pre-Order

  • Premium Bandai S.H. Figuarts Tulece
  • Premium Bandai S.H. Figuarts Tulece
  • Premium Bandai S.H. Figuarts Tulece
  • Premium Bandai S.H. Figuarts Tulece

Goku’s evil Saiyan Dopplegager is available to pre-order at Premium Bandai! He has Goku’s head, but what looks like Nappa’s physique and a thoroughly evil heart. One of the many underappreciated villains from the Dragon Ball Z movies.

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And with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero so close to releasing in North America, not to mention the Comic-Con panel, I highly recommend ensuring you receive your S.H. Figuart Gamma 1 and S.H. Figuart Gamma 2 as well! Premium Bandai figures usually end up re-selling for a profit, and most people regret missing out on a pre-order. With the incredible reactions to the film so far, chances are you won’t want to miss out on these guys.

Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles SDCC Plans

Tamashii Nations Event Exclusives (Booth #3329)

  • S.H.Figuarts SHENRON -Exclusive Edition- $130.00
  • S.H.Figuarts ANDROID 16 -Exclusive Edition- $65.00
  • S.H.Figuarts MAJIN BUU -GOOD- -Exclusive Edition- $85.00
  • S.H.Figuarts SUPER SAIYAN 2 SON GOKU-Exclusive Edition- $70.00

Additional Tamashii Nations Event Exclusives (Booth #3329)

  • S.H.Figuarts MADARA UCHIHA -Exclusive Edition $XX.XX
  • S.H.MonsterArts KONG FROM GODZILLA VS. KONG (2021) -Exclusive Edition- $90.00

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Tamagotchi (Booth #3348)

Commemorate your time at San Diego Comic-Con with an exclusive Original Tamagotchi device featuring limited-edition comic book shell designs and packaging. Two different comic book designs are available – one stars Mametchi (which comes with Gen 1 programming), while the other stars Mimitchi (which comes with Gen 2 programming).  These convention-exclusive devices will be the highlight of any Tamagotchi collection!

  • Convention Exclusive Original Tamagotchi Mametchi Comic $30.00
  • Convention Exclusive Original Tamagotchi Mimitchi Comic $30.00

You can also get your hands on the exclusive Naruto stage of six paths 6.5-inch figure from the Anime Heroes Line. With exclusive packaging, color deco, and a pearlized finish this Naruto figure is a must have for collectors and fans of the anime!

  • Event Exclusive Naruto Sage of Six Paths Mode $25.00

Special activations you can look forward to from Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles:

Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Tamashii Nations SDCC 2022

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Studio Ghibli Brands (Booth #4129):

  • Life-sized World of Ghibli: Step into the world of Studio Ghibli in this immersive life-sized recreation of iconic movie scenes.
  • Special Photo Ops: Become part of one of these iconic moments from My Neighbor Totoro. Be sure to use the hashtag #GhibliBooth for your photo op!
    • Big Totoro and the Bus Stop
    • Paper Theater Cat Bus
    • Princess Mononoke Paper theater
  • Promotional Offer: Receive a Studio Ghibli tote bag with a purchase of $30 or more while supplies last.
  • Free Souvenir: Receive a complimentary Princess Mononoke fan while supplies last.


  • A Grand Variety of Pokémon Nanoblock Figures: Check out our giant nanoblock Pikachu and Pac-Man statue along with an incredible collect-them-all Pokemon nanoblock wall display and retro video games!
  • Bonsai Creation Contest: Participants will have one hour to create their own bonsai tree creation. The daily winners will receive a free nanoblock gift. The “best in show” will be determined via an online vote.
  • Pac-Man Capsule Lottery: Pac-Man GWP and lottery: tweezers GWP, also buy an exclusive get a free item via the Pac-Man Capsule Lottery- lots of cool food and sites to see related nanoblock Prizes!
  • Special promotions: For every $15.00 spent, attendees will receive a free mini pad!

Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Thursday, 7/21/22, 12:30PM – 1:30PM, Room: 6A

Attendees can have a first look in the US at the upcoming series directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi with a special screening of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Prologue!

Panelists from Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America include David Edmundson (marketing director), Justin Cavender (senior marketing manager) AJ Velasco (marketing specialist) and David Clarke (brand manager) will be at the location.

How to get Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Exclusives

  • Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Tamashii Nations SDCC 2022 Exclusives
  • Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Tamashii Nations SDCC 2022 Exclusives
  • Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Tamashii Nations SDCC 2022 Exclusives
  • Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles Tamashii Nations SDCC 2022 Exclusives

What do you think about the sheer mass of Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles SDCC presence? What do you think of the Bandai Namco Toys exclusives this year? How about their purchase system? Let us know what you think and be sure to follow our Twitter for everything Bandai Namco Toys and Collectibles and San Diego Comic-Con 2022!

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