Superfuse allows players to build their own hero and defeat corruption alone or on a team with 4-player co-op

Stitch Heads and Raw Fury unveil their bloody and gritty superhero action RPG, Superfuse! This superhero-themed game is said to be their most ambitious title yet. Players build their own hero to take down the Corruption either on their own or with up to 4-players cooperatively. As players play through the game, they can level up and customize their heroes to their heart’s content thanks to the dynamic skill trees. Get a glimpse of the bloody hack and slash action in the reveal trailer.

Superfuse Reveal Trailer

There’s something about a good hack and slash game that just calls out to me. Likely because I grew up at the tail-end of the arcade ere where hack and slash and beat’em up games ate the quarters of our allowance. But on a technical level, those combo mechanics are the base for a lot of these AAA action games. Break down the fight system of the Arkham series or Spider-Man on PlayStation, it’s a beat’em up without the flare. Superfuse is obviously a beat’em up, but it also has a decent amount of flare. The game also has a pretty interesting story that gives me Guardians of Justice vibes.

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“Humanity escaped the dying Earth with technology funded by the corporate elite. We spread across the solar system but, as the centuries passed, the billionaires that saved mankind retained their stranglehold on our lives. While most of us barely clung to life, the wealthy lived in luxury, extending their lives and augmenting themselves with superpowers. They made themselves Gods. 

When the putrid beasts and terrifying shambling monsters emerged, we dubbed this new threat “The Corruption”. Once again, our self-appointed Gods intervened and, in their image, they created Enforcers. Once-regular people were granted superpowers to fight The Corruption and became the fists of the Corporatocracy. Even now they patrol the solar system at the behest of their creators. 

You have joined the ranks of the Enforcers and must do whatever is needed to maintain order and ensure humanity’s future. Welcome to the fight! “


Superfuse Screenshots

Superfuse has dynamic skill trees which give players the option to choose their class and abilities. The levels are procedurally generated giving players a fresh experience each time and the loot system is supposed to make exploring rewarding. Players will take their heroes through futuristic cities, corrupted lands, and treacherous dungeons infused with lore, treasures, and secrets. From the trailer, it appears players will switch from battling hordes and boss battles, which is a key element to most beat’em up style games.

Stitch Heads and Raw Fury are releasing Superfuse on Steam Early Access later this year and is available to wishlist on Steam now. The full release of the game is expected in 2023. With this, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, and the TMNT: Cowabunga Collection, it seems like a pretty great year for beat’em up action games.


About Superfuse

Release Date: 2023
Developer: Stitch Heads Entertainment
Publisher: Raw Fury
Genre: Action game
Modes: Single Player, Online Co-Op
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Centuries ago, humanity escaped the dying Earth with technology funded by the corporate elite. As humans spread across the solar system, the wealthy lived in luxury, extending their lives and augmenting themselves with superpowers, becoming gods while the rest of humanity barely clung to life. Dissent grew but a new threat emerged in the form of shambling monsters called the Corruption. And so the corporate gods created the Enforcers to patrol the solar system and deal with the danger posed by the Corruption.

What do you think of Superfuse? Are you a fan of action beat’em up games? Which beat’em up game is unequivocally the best? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your favorite beat ’em up games with us on Twitter.

Source: Gematsu

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