Donovan Danhausen, the “very evil, very nice” fighter, is better known as by the simple name of Danhausen. He is an American professional wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, and he was previously known for his tenures with Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro under the same name.

His persona is so complex that it invokes a hybrid of many different classic characters of the past. Danhausen is a mix of Count Chocula and Beetlejuice, with a shot of Mr. Bean on the side. He’s as much a vaudeville act as a pro wrestler, and that’s what sets him apart from most of his AEW contemporaries. 


He sat down to speak with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Shavauny for the AEW Unrestricted podcast.  During the in-depth conversation, he offered all sorts of explanations and stories about his jar of teeth, the red paint around his eyes, his new dentist friend (Brit Baker D.MD.), and his relationship with Tony Elite (AKA Tony Khan). Check out more below:

Danhausen Is Unrestricted In His New Interview

danhausen unrestricted

He discusses the casting of curses and how he actually doesn’t do anything. “I just point at people sometimes, and I say that they’re cursed and then bad things seem to happen to them. So I don’t know if they work or not, but it seems so.” And cursing – and why the latter is not allowed due to standards and practices.

He does share how he became a close confidant of late night show host extraordinaire Conan O’Brien. (Here’s a hint, Conan needed a friend, made a phone call during a podcast on referral alone, and the conversation ensued.) Danhausen also reveals what it’s really like underneath the AEW ring, how his human disguise works, the origin of the Tequila dance, and all the great lessons he’s learned from Seinfeld‘s George Costanza.

Some choice quotes from the former Ring of Honor star are here below:

“I just point at people sometimes, and I say that they’re cursed and then bad things seem to happen to them. So I don’t know if they work or not, but it seems so.”

“I think they were surprised and shocked [by the AEW DYNAMITE debut], much like Danhausen. A little bit, maybe, who knows? Maybe Danhausen has taken over the internet and the television now, soon. When you’re as famous as Danhausen, it’s just another day in the business. But, he was taken back by it, it was a little bit louder than he had initially thought it was going to be, it was quite nice. Because under the ring Danhausen was wondering, ‘will they know?’ And they did.”

“The recovery is going good, we have wonderful doctors at AEW who help Danhausen every single week. Great, his name is Josh, very nice, he’s got a mustache. Hopefully, one day when Danhausen recovers, he can have a mustache of his own. Yes, Danhausen has a metal rod in his leg, he had broken his tibia, and fibula, with an L.”

danhausen poses

Plus, Danhausen speaks to his recent offer to Wardlow, his brand new cape, his broken leg and subsequent recovery, his toy collection, and the reason why he was not invited to join the Chris Jericho Appreciation Society.

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Source: AEW Unrestricted