Fans who have a copy of either Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shiny Pearl can now acquire the Legendary Pokemon Shaymin.

It’s Pokemon Day, and to help celebrate the franchise’s 26th Anniversary, The Pokemon Company announced a new in-game update for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny PearlThe new in-game update involves a feature called “Oak’s Letter,”. Players can receive this special “letter” via the internet download through the games’ mystery gift menu.

This particular letter allows players to obtain the mythical Pokemon Shaymin. Shaymin is a mythical grass-type Pokemon introduced in generation four in the Pokemon franchise. The legendary Pokemon first appeared in the original Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. Shaymin also appeared in the anime series and other spin-off games. Like the other mystery gifts revealed on Pokemon Day, there is a limited period where players can obtain the mystery gift. The Shaymin event will last till March 27th. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl Shaymin Update – A Disappointing Event That Did Not Live Up to Its Potential

Pokemon BDSP Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl Shaymin

As a massive fan of the original Pokemon: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games, I was highly disappointed with the Shaymin event for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl. In the original generation four games, the Shaymin event was only a special giveaway to obtain the mythical Pokemon. I was hoping for Brilliant Diamond or Shiny Pearl that the game developers would expand the Shaymin event. I was hoping they could include a side story or more content to playthrough. But instead, the new in-game update is a similar copy of the original Shaymin event used in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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I credit the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl Shaymin event to the game developers as it is easier to obtain if not more accessible than its original predecessors. To receive the Oak Letter in DiamondPearl, or Platinum, players would have to go to a designated distribution center like Gamestop, or Toys R Us, and download it as a mystery gift. Then after downloading the item, players would have to go to a Poke Mart and find a delivery man with a green hat. Once obtained, a landmass will appear on route 224 (east of the Pokemon league), which was not there before. Players would also have the chance to meet Professor Oak from the Generation One games.

From there, the landmass leads to a flower paradise, where players encounter a wild Shaymin to battle and capture. However, “Oak’s Letter” was only distributed for the Platinum version in Japan (along with the azure flute to get Arceus and a member card to get Darkrai). To receive the item and subsequently encounter Shaymin in North America or Europe, gamers needed to use a Gameshark (Codebreaker) to activate the Shaymin event.  

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The Shaymin event for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl was very disappointing. I was hoping Game Freak would have expanded more on Shaymin with today’s technology. Similar to the post-game side story in Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby involving the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza called “Delta Episode”. But instead, we just received a lazy carbon copy of the original Shaymin event from generation four’s original mainline games. Hopefully, Game Freak improves in the future and actually expands the game with playable side stories for the other Legendary Sinnoh Pokemon The Legendary Sinnoh Pokemon I am referring to are Darkrai, Manaphy, and Arceus. 

Because of the lack of any gameplay and a huge waste of potential, I gave the Shaymin update 1/5

Have you downloaded the Shaymin event for either of your Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shiny Pearl games? Who is your favorite legendary or mythical Pokemon? What did you do to celebrate Pokemon Day?  Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.

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