Corey Graves is reportedly cleared for physical and in-ring action.

According to Fightful Select via Wrestling Inc. Corey Graves was cleared for in-ring action at some point last year or maybe all the way back in 2020.  Unfortunately, WWE has not confirmed the rumor and the rumor is largely based on behind-the-scenes discussions.


Graves was on the “no contact” list or a list which forbids wrestlers from touching the individual to prevent accidental injury.  Most on-screen non-wrestlers are probably on that list so it isn’t uncommon.  He has been on that list for years and years.

WWE Corey Graves
Courtesy Of WWE

However, to give this rumor a lot more credibility: Corey Graves won the 24/7 Championship on Nov. 8, 2021, though he didn’t win it during a match or give some devastating maneuver. If I remember correctly, he just did a quick roll-up pin – a school boy pin, I believe, and won the championship that way.  However, if he was still on the “no contact” list he most likely would not have been allowed to physically get involved at all.

There have also been rumored discussions and pitches involving Graves.  It is not known if these pitches came from creative or just Graves himself trying to get something going.  However, unfortunately for Graves none of the pitches were able to make it past creative.  Someone close to WWE Creative confirmed he is no longer on the “no contact” list, but they were unaware he was cleared for in-ring action.

A Tragic Set Of Injuries Led To A Great Commentator

Corey Graves was signed to a WWE developmental deal in late 2011.  He wrestled in NXT and was able to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships with Adrian Neville.  However, his wrestling career was cut short when he received two concussions shortly apart with one in late 2013 and another in early 2014.  In December of that year he announced his retirement from in-ring action.


Despite no longer being able to wrestle, Corey Graves was still able to find success in WWE and may have found his calling.  The same night he announced his retirement he joined the commentary booth in NXT.  He found a life in commentary and has gotten a lot of praise for his work.  He has even been compared to arguably the greatest heel commentator of all time, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.  He eventually got moved up to the main roster and has remained there since.

WWE Corey Graves
Courtesy Of WWE

Corey Graves Isn’t Quite Done With His Wrestling Career

However, even though he has had a lot of success doing commentary on an April 2020 episode of his podcast, After The Bell, Corey Graves expressed a desire to come out of retirement.

Watching Edge’s WWE 24 episode inspired him to try and make a return.  The following month of May he made his return to the ring to start training for the first time since he retired.  He began training with his brother, Sam Adonis, who is a fellow wrestler.  His training must have gone well because in July of 2021 he tweeted “I was put on this earth to do something. What I’m doing is not it.”  Thus starting to fan the flames of the rumors of him making his way back to the ring.  These tweets about his desire to return to the ring didn’t settle down as in November he plainly tweeted “I kinda wanna wrestle again.”

Now that we know that Graves is cleared to wrestle we should be on the lookout for his return.  However, his biggest obstacle may be WWE itself.  He has made himself a valued member of the commentary team and WWE may not be willing to let him make his in-ring return and lose his commentary. 

Would you like to see Corey Graves wrestle again?  Do you think he was a better wrestler than commentator?  If he does return to the ring do you think it would be in NXT or on the main roster?  Leave a comment and let us know who you would like to see Graves feud with.


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