Power Rangers have a lot of different components that create a team in a series. Fans always get excited to see every new release that comes with the next show, which usually includes themed Suits, diverse weapons, and epic Zords. With originals being a possibility for Hasbro, fans all have different favorite parts they love to find out first.

One of the features that make Power Rangers so unique is how each series is a Super-Powered mixture. The foundation is a full-suit Superhero team but comes with a range of lore, themes, and even features multi-scale combat with the use of Zords that form a mecha, known as a Megazord. Hasbro’s work with other franchises has given fans confidence that they could deliver an original Power Rangers season that could blow their minds. The only question is what they decided to do for their first creation.

Here is a list of the specific features that the new season would have, which Power Rangers Fans always are desperate to see first.

1. The Theme

Mighty Morphin #1

The main feature that people instantly look for is the theme as it determines everything about the concept. From the name to the story, there is so much potential in any theme that is set for a Ranger season.


This will also be the biggest reveal as every Ranger fan is wondering what the first team that Hasbro will create is. Whether it be a variation of a theme seen before, like Dinosaur-Themed, or even a theme never seen as a Ranger season.

2. New Power Rangers Helmets and Suits

A Hasbro Original Power Rangers Season: Top 5 Most Exciting Features - The Illuminerdi

Fans can always instantly tell if the show will reign their attention as soon as they see the appearance of the Rangers. Depending on how they are designed and detailed can sometimes make the difference between becoming an instant favorite, or if some fans will need to watch a few episodes first. There are many ways Hasbro could design new suits so finding the first images will be exciting for all fans to discover.

3. The Team Morpher

A Hasbro Original Power Rangers Season: Top 5 Most Exciting Features - The Illuminerdi

One of the important items that any Ranger process is their Morpher, which Rangers use to change and transform. This is just as important for Ranger fans too as not only will it be a toy but will also be a core piece of cosplay.

Any Ranger fan who watches a series is always guilty of attempting the morph sequence, especially happens once they have collected the Changer Device seen in Power Rangers.

4. The Gimmick and Weapons

A Hasbro Original Power Rangers Season: Top 5 Most Exciting Features - The Illuminerdi

Any modern Ranger series always comes with an amazing gimmick that adds to the awesome design of the team. The use of a gimmick was also added for Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the Sentai counterpart only had a flip visor gimmick and not the Morph-X keys seen in the adaptation. What Hasbro decided to do for a Ranger gimmick would be extremely important in their Ranger series as most are used as collectibles for the toys.


The Weapons usually are linked to this gimmick, and in a way, are a gimmick themselves. They can be matched to the theme of the show, or even to individual weapons. Hasbro would have a lot of different concepts they could play with as they could apply the overall series gimmick for them, or even think of inventive ways to combine them together.

5. The Zords

A Hasbro Original Power Rangers Season: Top 5 Most Exciting Features - The Illuminerdi

The Zords, and Megazords, will be one feature that fans expect Hasbro to blow their minds with. This is due to the experience that they have with the Transformers franchise and their latest releases showcase how epic they could be. With the Zord Ascension Project starting, the work put into these releases may lead to planning for the first original set of Zords too. No matter which theme, fans will love to see the Zords partnered with the Rangers themselves, as well as a range of Zords that combine for various formations.

Everything else to follow such as the story, characters, and even later additions, like the 6th Ranger, will then be discovered. However, these 5 main features are always going to be a question dominating social media, and search engines, when Hasbro announces whether they will be making their own creations.

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What are you looking forward to seeing? Do you want to see a Hasbro original Ranger team? When do you think the first original will debut? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.