Jirisan is the latest mystery Kdrama series, featuring a combination of natural disaster action and fantasy elements.

The iQIYI original is set in a national park where rangers must push themselves to the limit to save travelers that dare visit the renown mountain. Along with thrilling and life-threatening situations, the series will also include a supernatural plot as the protagonists attempt to save people before the vision of their death comes true.


Jirisan is a Korean television series starring Jun Ji-hyun (My Love From the Star) and Ju Ji-hoon (Netflix’s Kingdom). It is directed by Lee Eung-bok (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) and is written by Kim Eun-hee, who wrote Kingdom. Veteran actor Sung Dong-il (Reply 1988, House on Wheels), also makes a special appearances in the series.

Why Is Jirisan Special?

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Jirisan depicts the story of a ranger of the Jirisan National Park, Kang Hyun-jo (Ju Ji-hoon), who discovers that he could see incomprehensible visions of deaths occurring on the mountain. Because of that, he works hand in hand with his senior, Seo Yi-kang (Jun Ji-hyun) to unravel these unknown stories. The female lead, Seo Yi-kang, is the top ranger of the Jirisan National Park while the male lead, Kang Hyun-jo, is one of the coworkers of Seo Yi-kang.

Be it dirt road, rock wall, or cliff, Seo Yi-kang instinctively knows how to navigate the trails of the mountains. She could track down a lost hiker based on just a single leaf or blade of grass. Nicknamed “Devil Seo” by her coworkers, she is nevertheless the most passionate ranger among them. As her parents passed away in a torrential flood, she views the mountain as a dreadful place, but she eventually stays in the mountain and becomes a ranger as fighting against the Death God and rescuing the victims is her dream.

Kang Hyun-jo is involved in a mishap whilst he is having a training in Jirisan. His comrade dies in the mishap. After encountering the accident, he discovers that he could see incomprehensible visions of deaths occurring on the mountain. Believing this is the mountain’s calling for him to save them, he goes back to Jirisan and works with Seo Yi-kang to rescue the victims. However, as time passes, the terrifying secret behind the beautiful mountain slowly unravels…

The series seems like a terrific combination of natural disasters and action, with a supernatural twist. The concept seems to have similarities to Final destination, but the deaths seen in visions are of other people with natural disasters on a mountain being the cause. It will be exciting to see what situations occur in each episode and whether everyone can be saved.

The first series will be 21 episodes long and the first episode will be exclusively premiering on iQIYI on the 23rd of October. A Premium Membership will be required to watch the debut, but hopefully may be free to watch in the future. If you wish to start watching this series, use the following link.

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