Nintendo had their highly anticipated Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct this morning where they revealed massive expansions coming to the game. One is a free update being available to all users and another is an incredible expansion to the game that comes in the form of paid DLC.

Full disclosure I am one of the people who played New Horizon a bunch when it first came out but slowly fell off after the game’s first spring update. Now with these updates players such as myself are sure to have hours upon hours of new content to explore.

Starting off with the free update, fans will see the return of the fan-favorite character, Brewster, as a part of the new cafe located in the museum called, The Roost. The player can invite other island residents to join them for a cup of brew. Other players can even join in on the fun through a base Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nintendo Announces Exciting New Animal Crossing Updates - The Illuminerdi

Another fan-favorite Animal Crossing character, Kappn’ is also set to make his way onto (and even off of) the island. Kappn’ can take you to all-new mystery islands with different times of day, weather, and seasonal properties.

Probably the biggest addition to the free Animal Crossing New Horizons update is the changes being made to Harv’s island. Harv’s island isn’t something I really explored during my initial playthrough but these changes should make it more worthwhile.


A brand new shopping plaza is being added to the island that includes a bunch of your island’s visiting salespeople such as Kicks, Leif, Redd, and Sahara with their own permanent locations. Others joining the shopping plaza include Katrina, Harriet, Reese, and Cyrus.

Other additions in the Animal Crossing New Horizons free update include ordinances, more housing customization, cooking, increased storage to 5000 items, and probably the best addition of them all… Island-wide stretching exercises!

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise Is Basically an Enterly New Game

Nintendo Announces Exciting New Animal Crossing Updates - The Illuminerdi

Alongside the free update to Animal Crossing New Horizons, Happy Home Paradise will be a $25 DLC update that will completely change the game and could almost be considered its own game within the game.

In this new update, the player will take on the role of a land developer who can build a vacation home for various residents on a brand new island. The player will be compensated for their work and can use the money to buy rare items that would otherwise be hard to get on the normal island.

The player can also create other buildings such as schools, a hospital, and more! The update also adds extensive updates to interior design both on the new island and on your current island.

Nintendo Announces Exciting New Animal Crossing Updates - The Illuminerdi

As stated previously the update will be $25 by itself or you can get it as a part of the new Nintendo Switch Online: Expansion Pack which will be available to Switch users for $50 a year.

Both the free and the paid updates will be available on November 5th. Note, if you cancel your subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online: Expansion Pack you will lose access to the update and will have to pay for the update separately or renew your subscription.

Nintendo Announces Exciting New Animal Crossing Updates - The Illuminerdi

What are your thoughts on the new updates coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons on November 5th? Will you be buying the update when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow The Illuminerdi on social media to be notified of more gaming news and updates like this in the future!


Source: Nintendo