Anime Expo 2021 is set to kick off and a little slice of Japan will be shared with fans in the United States. It will be a good breath of fresh air after everything with the pandemic.

One piece heading to fans at Anime Expo 2021 is comic book publisher eigoManga. The announcement was made recently and revealed some of the ways the publishing company would be interacting.

For more details about this partnership, check out eigoMANGA press release below.

eigoMANGA Press Release for Anime Expo 2021

Anime Expo 2021 eigoManga

(San Jose, California) – Comic book publisher, eigoMANGA announces its participation at Anime Expo Lite 2021. Anime Expo Lite is the digital version of Anime Expo (AX), the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture in North America. Anime Expo Lite’s virtual event dates will be July 3-4, 2021. Content from those dates plus more will be available to watch on-demand from July 5 through July 16, 2021. eigoMANGA will host two virtual panels that will showcase their latest production of comics, animation, games, and mobile apps.

First, eigoMANGA’s creative team will meet with NBA point guard for the Sacramento Kings, De’Aaron Fox. They discuss De’Aaron’s fandom for anime, manga, and how it intertwines with his basketball career. “De’Aaron Fox: NBA Star and Anime Fan” will be available to watch on-demand from July 5 through July 16.
And second, eigoMANGA creators will hold a tutorial workshop to teach the fundamentals of manga illustration. “eigoMANGA’s How To Draw Manga” will be available to watch on-demand on July 5 through July 16.

About Anime Expo

Anime Expo (AX) brings together fans and industry from Japan, the US, and all over the world for the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture in North America. Taking place every year since 1992, Anime Expo features the best in Japanese entertainment, music, fashion, and video games. For more information, visit
About eigoMANGA

eigoMANGA is a production and publishing company that specializes in creating original comic books, animation, and digital media. More information about eigoMANGA can be found at

Anime Expo 2021 eigoManga

It sounds like eigoMANGA will be making quite the splash during Anime Expo 2021. It always fun to see some of our top stars in sports share their connection to anime and manga. Will you be checking out both anime expos? What do you expect from Anime Expo 2021? Make sure you comment below and on our social media channels and keep your pen handy with The Illuminerdi for more news and content.