Is The Toaster Leaving Clues for Project Pegasus?

Putting the cuckoo back in the clock, now let’s look at that toaster. Where others saw the “mark of the beast” (I’m in pun heaven), I saw what may be a quadruple entendre of a clue. Too many ideas popped up in my mind from this symbol, but it ultimately brings four different things to consider: (PP) Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.(also known as Pegasus), Vision, Ultron, and even Magneto. My technical background automatically saw a coil symbol. The coil is a part of electrical circuit used to produce a magnetic field and multiply energy.

That fact along with a German clock in the back led me to think of Magneto (the main character believed to have been Wanda & Pietro’s father), but that’s where it stopped for me. The other threads went deeper; much deeper. The coil on the toaster also looks like the original design of the underground instillation for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. In the comics it was called, The Loop.

wandavision - project pegasus

Having an already significant presence in the Marvel Comics Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this was the most fruitful thread for me; until I realized there was more in the episodic commercial to feast on (besides the toast, of course). “Project P”, very similar to its purpose in the movies is a scientific research facility located in The Adirondack Mountains (much like High Evolutionary’s Wundagore is located in Wundagore Mountain). It has also served as a prison for super-powered beings, and a temporary home of the displaced Squadron Supreme.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Wendell Vaughn (Quasar) was head of security at one point in time as well. P.E.G.A.S.U.S., stands for Potential Energy Group/Alternate Source/United States. Crossing over into the cinematic space, the known, clear and present common denominator for these alternate versions of each other is the Cosmic Cube/Tesseract. Both iterations of Pegasus studied what is referred to as Tesseract Technology in The MCU. Marvel Studios depowering the cosmic encasings of Infinity stones from being powerful macguffins leaves me wondering if they will ever introduce Cosmic Cubes into the movies.


These sources of infinite power are available items to use in any story Kevin Feige so decides. The Infinity stones have been destroyed by Thanos. (Note: The WandaVision trailer does show Wanda interacting with what looks like The Mind Stone, and we can clearly see a representation of the same Infinity Stone back in The Vision’s head in all of the episodes thus far.) Mar-vell, Arnim Zola, Erik Selvig via Loki, Baron Strucker & Helen Cho via Ultron have been shown to be the most successful in manipulating these power sources on Earth. All but Helen Cho has had a clear connection to Project Pegasus in the MCU.

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