The Resident Evil series has been around for almost 19 years, earning a total of over $1.2 billion at the global box office. This financial return gives the franchise the title of highest grossing movie franchise ever based off of a video game series.

A new prequel series is in development for release on Netflix, which will be set across two different timelines and will seemingly occur before the plot of the first Resident Evil movie. This new story will center on the Wesker twins through their adolescent years in New Raccoon City and continue on about a decade later as they deal with the monster-creating T-virus.

No cast members have been revealed yet for this new series, although there is a theory that it will directly connect to the Resident Evil movie series which featured Paul WS Anderson, as either the director or screenwriter, on the first six movies. However, we can’t confirm that connection concretely.

Resident Evil Casting Update

We at The Illuminerdi are excited to reveal new story details and the latest casting buzz regarding the Resident Evil series coming to Netflix, which we are happy to share with you now!

Resident Evil

Our sources have revealed five new roles that Constantin Film and Netflix are looking to cast in the Resident Evil prequel series, although no specific talent has been attached to star in the cast yet. We have also found out that the show is set to begin filming as early as next month.

Jade: Female, 30’s, Series Regular (28, Mixed race) Jade has changed a lot since her reckless adolescent years. She’s a motivated scientist, who survives with her intelligence. She is full of survivor’s guilt and feels responsible for the apocalyptic chain of events that doomed her sister and forever altered the world.

Jade hates Umbrella, a totalitarian mega-corporation that survived the apocalypse. Jade’s mission is to dismantle the organization. She promised herself she would never become like her father, Albert, who was so focused on his work, he failed to parent his own kids. She is also in a relationship with Arjun, who has a young daughter, Bea. Jade loves them both deeply, but chooses to work in the field which keeps them apart for up to months at a time in an effort to further her scientific studies.

We grow to learn Jade is truly motherly and empathetic, while she has dedicated herself to fix the broken world and hopes to find redemption for her part in creating the mayhem.

Albert Wesker: Male, 40-49, Series Regular (40s, any ethnicity) Albert Wesker is mysterious, charming and full of secrets. He is the sole parent to his two teenaged daughters. While being a brilliant scientific mind and aloof, his darker side is not readily apparent. However, the more time we spend with him, the harder it becomes for him to keep his secrets before his hidden life collides with his public one.

Eventually his furious ambition comes to the surface. Albert is supremely motivated by his scientific discovery, which causes him to test his theories without the patience to foresee their horrible ramifications on the world. A layered and multi-faceted role.


Young Jade: Female, 13-16, Series Regular (Character is 14, Mixed Race) Jade is a bold and rebellious teenager who resents her father for uprooting her home. However, she’s extroverted, supremely confident, and is able to befriend others and adapt easily. She has a rough exterior yet is warm on the inside and her closest connection is with her introverted twin sister, Billie. They are opposites in many ways, yet Jade’s brash decisions ultimately lead her sister into trouble.

Young Billie: Female, 13-16, Series Regular (Character is 14, Mixed Race) Billie is Jade’s fraternal twin. Similar to Jade, Billie is unhappy about having to change her entire world and move into this Stepford Wives-like community. However, unlike Jade, she is trying to be as optimistic about it as possible. At her core that’s exactly who Billie is, a peacekeeping activist.

Billie is introverted with an abundance of love. That same love and righteousness sets her on a tragic path when she sneaks into her father laboratory to unmask the inhumane treatment and testing of animals. However during the break-in, Billie is bitten by a rabid animal that is suffering from an unknown virus. The bite has catastrophic results for Billie that begins by changing her personality. However, she becomes increasing rabid and easily looses control of her emotions. With Jade accompanying her, Billie attempts to find answers to what is happening to her and a way to stop it.

Evelyn: Female, 40-49, Series Regular (Character is in her 40s, Any nationality/ethnicity) Evelyn Marcus is the daughter of a mysterious corporate head. She’s domineering, merciless, duplicitous. When something goes haywire at the corporation, she is brought in to fix the problems… and does so very aggressively. She has a wife and son, Simon, a popular 15-year old athlete and scholar who already has advanced computer and hacking skills.

However his growing relationship with one of Albert’s twin girls alerts Evelyn that there is more going on under the surface.

These casting calls confirm the two different timelines in which the Resident Evil show will take place, considering they are looking for two different actresses of different ages to play Jade Wesker. It will be interesting to find out if the show looks for an older version of Billie to fight alongside Jade in the timeline that’s closer to that of the original movie.


As for Evelyn, her description seems to paint her as the main villain of the series, and she should be a formidable foe for Jade to try to take down. The show will also likely dive into the dark past of the twins’ father, Albert, whose secrets and darkness will be something to watch out for as the series progresses.

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil prequel series will begin shooting next month, and there is no set timeframe for release. What do you think of the new developments? Do you like the new direction that the Resident Evil franchise is headed? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media.