How HyperForce Expanded Upon the Power Rangers Universe

There are many new additions that HyperForce gave us other than a new team of Rangers. However, there were various plot holes in past seasons that HyperForce filled and even expanded upon during their time. Here are a few of the main hole-fillers and extensions that HyperForce added.

Scorpina has had some confusing plot holes that were never answered as the villain disappeared from the show without explanation. Scorpina was last seen in the episode “Goldar’s Vice-Versa” in season 2 of MMPR, but after the episode, she never returned. HyperForce fills this hole with an episode explaining what happens to Scorpina for her to suddenly disappear. The third episode of the show is where you can find out what happens.

Lina Song is an original character played by the Game Master, Malika Lim Eubank. As a result, Lina’s appearance is based on Malika due to being the actress that plays the role. The character was first seen in the SPD episodes of the show, but what makes the character special is that she explains what happens to the B squad after Jack leaves SPD.


With Sky becoming red, and Bridge Blue, there was a hole in the SPD ranger team but this is soon fixed with Lina. She becomes the Green Ranger in the series and completes the team. Lina is also seen in the special “Soul of the Dragon” and becomes the Blue Ranger when Bridge is promoted to Red.

For some fans, the origins of Orion were a bit confusing since many didn’t think it was possible to bring down a spaceship with a hand slingshot. This is also what the actor and the HyperForce show team thought as well. So, in the episodes with Cameron Jebo as the guest, the events that led him to leave his home planet were given more substance. Episode 18 also features the Mega War but the game master does her best to ensure the continuity isn’t broken.

Ransik & Nadira - Morphin' Legacy

Fans of Power Rangers may have seen Ransik redeem himself in the special crossover episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. However, there was nothing to suggest what would happen next to the ex-crime boss mutant. In Hyperforce, we discover that Ransik is working on the rehabilitation of mutants, who have all also left their life of villainy.

Nadira has also had some changes in her life as we learn she was engaged to be married and soon becomes the wife of a Ranger. To the surprise of many, this doesn’t turn out to be Lucas, the Blue Time Force Ranger, even with the suggestion of a relationship at the end of the Wild Force episodes she appeared in. The 17th episode of Hyperforce is when these two characters return to the spotlight of the Ranger timeline.


Since the shows run ended, there has been no word from Hasbro on whether HyperRPG can finally grant season 2, but the show still is building up a bigger following. This is due to people discovering the show late through YouTube and from other Power Ranger fans.

The show was clearly significant to the Power Ranger universe since not only do fans love the series, but the contents and rangers of the show have also made appearances on other platforms. These appearances include the Shattered Grid comics, being part of the Shattered Grid expansion for Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid, and even in the Mobile app video game, Power Rangers Legacy Wars, created by nWay.

What’s next for HyperForce?

There are many features to HyperForce that we have yet to see from this unique series, including various art of content that was never revealed. Hopefully, we will see more of HyperForce in various forms, including the videogames, but more than anything, fans want a season 2.

This is due to the fact that the show was left on a huge cliff-hanger and the story has yet to be resolved. HyperRPG is also hoping to continue the show but unless it’s given the green light, they cannot start a new series or talk about anything regarding a renewal. Hopefully, we will see more of this original Ranger team in the future with fans hoping for anything including a possible animation series or TV show appearance.

If you haven’t seen HyperForce yet then you can enjoy the show on HyperRPG’s YouTube channel and check out the various fan art that people have been releasing. Also, check out HyperRPG and their Twitch channel for amazing live shows and Tabletop RPG content. What are you hoping to see from HyperForce? And will you be doing #HyperForce for the anniversary on social media? Let us in the comments below and stay tuned to The Illuminerdi for more!