Holt confronts Waverly and Wynonna Earp once he finds his mother dead and is wrecked by her death. Holt states that they ruined the one chance for peace, which seems odd given that Ma’am never would have stopped her vendetta against the Earps and Doc. If any Clantons were going to end the blood feud it would be Billy, who is now a Reaper, or Holt himself. Doc manages to talk Holt down and broker tentative peace between the two families and then the most shocking moment of the episode comes.

Wynonna shoots Holt in the back as he walks away with Doc. With no warning and after he had lowered his weapon. Wynonna has accepted something that most heroes can’t, in order to be a hero she also has to be a killer sometimes. Wynonna isn’t going to allow an enemy who wants to kill her loved ones to live just to be seen as better than the villains. And while this shows an understanding of the world she lives in, this moment may not fit the mold. Both Wynonna Earp and Do Holiday have understandable arguments about the choice she has made.


Wynonna wants to keep her family safe. The Clantons have been after them for longer than they’ve known and after learning that they wanted to take Alice, she isn’t going to take any risks. Wynonna believes that they will never stop coming and while Holt may have lowered his weapon now, what is stopping him from coming after her tomorrow? She’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones and that includes killing their enemies.

However, Doc’s side is also more than understandable. Doc has begun questioning his life and the mark he has left on history which is stained with the blood of many. He wants to heal and become a better man, but that may not be possible with Wynonna. Wynonna shooting Holt, a man that Doc felt a kinship with, in the back is inexcusable for the gunslinger.


To Doc, the act of shooting someone in the back is a cardinal sin. Doc attributes Wynonna’s kills in the past to cleaning up Wyatt’s mess. However this is a choice she makes herself, when to him the issue had been resolved peacefully. He wants to get past the cycle of violence and move forward with his life, while Wynonna isn’t in that same place.

Doc and Wynonna have always been drawn to each other because of their similarities, both damaged from past traumas. Now, Doc wants to heal and grow while Wynonna has finally become comfortable in who she is. The couple may have finally come to an impasse that they can’t get past, no matter how much they love each other. Wynonna Earp and Doc Holiday are walking different paths and it will be interesting to see how that plays out during the rest of the season.


The final scene of the episode was absolutely stunning and felt like a new chapter in the two main romantic relationships on the show. While Waverly and Nicole are now engaged, Doc and Wynonna have never been farther apart. Everyone in the scene was absolutely phenomenal with Waverly being the one to propose, making it clear she wants to marry Nicole. Even after finding out the truth of Nicole’s deal with Ma’am Clanton. This proves that while Waverly’s proposal at the end of last season was rife with impending doom and the loss of her father, Waverly meant every word.

The look Waverly shares with Wynonna before she proposes speaks to the heart of the show which has been the love between these two sisters. Doc and Wynonna balancing their happiness for the couple while also mourning the devastating rift that is now between them. This was a moment that all WayHaught fans have been hoping to see and the Wynonna Earp crew most definitely delivered.

And while Ma’am and Holt are gone, Cleo is the last Clanton standing and she has proven time and again she lacks restraint when it comes to going after Wynonna Earp and her crew. Eve is also still somewhere out in the world, the ever-present Black Badge Division is still surrounding the town, and said town is still heavily occupied by countless demons. So, while taking out Ma’am can be counted as a win there are still a lot of potential threats that Wynonna Earp and her family may have to face in the back half of the season.

Earpers can get an inside look into the making of Wynonna Earp “Holy War Part Two” and Emily Andras teases a little bit of what to expect in the back half of season 4 with Making Your Peace 406. Wynonna Earp season 4 will return in 2021. What did you think of season four episode six of Wynonna Earp? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media.