Wynonna Earp has begun shedding some light on Nicole’s time alone and it looks like in her desperation she made a deal with Ma’am Clanton, literally begging on her knees for help. Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly, were brought back by something that Ma’am did and Nicole needs to pay up. The utter despair and desperate need that Kat Barrell injects into her performance makes you feel how alone she must have felt.

Given the fact that Nicole now feels as though Waverly won’t want to marry her when everyone learns the truth, it’s hard to imagine Nicole promised the Clanton matriarch something unimportant. She also tries to kill the team more than once, so she’s possessed by the Clanton magic in some way. This probably ties into Ma’am’s plan to destroy Wynonna Earp and Doc Holiday by having them all destroy each other.

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It looks like Nicole didn’t remember exactly what she promised the Clanton matriarch until recently and now she can’t tell the team. Instead, puking up frogs every time she tries. Nicole gave up hope and while both Waverly and Wynonna don’t believe she could do anything really bad it’s unclear. When someone is as desperate and hopeless as she must have been after being alone for 18 months things are uncertain. If you think about the stay-at-home orders that have lasted for months, that is even a longer time to be alone.


It’s understandable that Nicole may have felt that there were no other options. Nicole is understandably still pissed at Jeremy for abandoning her for 18 months. However, they can still communicate with just a look and she trusts him to help her do what needs to be done.


Wynonna Earp must find the scorned woman from the painting to retrieve Peacemaker from nuns of the sanctuary of the scorned woman. And one of the major cliffhangers of the episode is that the scorned woman looks to be none other than Rosita. Rosita is a revenant from season 2 who briefly dated Doc and…oh yeah, tried to steal Wynonna and Doc’s baby immediately after Alice was born! Not the best parting move, but the real question is, how she is still here?

Bulshar ended the curse last season which not only rid Wynonna of the burden as the Earp heir, but also got rid of all of the revenants. Rosita is apparently the scorned woman and considering what she told Waverly about how she became a revenant. That she was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and everything that happened in season two, the title isn’t hard to believe.

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While the Rosita cliffhanger was a shock, it was overshadowed by Nicole’s sacrifice at the end of the episode. Nicole’s speech to Nedley truly hits home how much she feels she has failed, in not only being unable to recognize Nedley, but also keep the faith that Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc would return. While she may have made a deal with the devil, Nicole is pulling out all the stops to try and atone.

And while it looks like Nicole is dead after being drowned by Jeremy in a ritual with Nedley, it’s doubtful that the team behind Wynonna Earp would actually kill her off in this way. Jeremy telling Waverly to trust him is also a clear message to the audience to trust the writers no matter how bad this looks. Jeremy is talking straight to the camera and while in most cases there would be reason to be concerned, time and time again the Wynonna Earp crew has proven they are trustworthy.

Next week is the mid-season finale “Holy War Part Two” and hopefully we get some answers about Nicole’s deal, the Clanton’s plan, and how the hell Rosita is still around. Earpers can get an inside look into the making of Wynonna Earp “Holy War Part One” with Making Your Peace 405.

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