Star Trek has been coming back in a big way over the past few years. We have Discovery now going into it’s 3rd season, Picard in preproduction for Season 2, Lower Decks premiering on August 12th, Strange New Worlds in preproduction, and a myriad of other shows in development. I even got our own Joe Deckelmeier to sit down and start watching the show and now we’ve brought back The Riker Maneuver for discussions about Star Trek: Enterprise. And now I think we’re going to be adding these Starfleet Insignia Stemless Wine Glasses to our collection.

Toynk recently released a set of stemless wine glasses from Surreal Entertainment that feature 4 different Starfleet Insignias, Command, Engineering, Medical, and Science. The glasses hold 20oz and are officially licensed merchandise. You have the option of buying a 4 piece set which includes one of each glass or you can get them individually if you’d prefer to have just one.

You can purchase them through our affiliate link below (and help support us) or you can get them directly from the Toynk website.

Starfleet Insignia 4-Piece Set

Individual Starfleet Insignias