We’ve always known that Val Kilmer hated being in Batman Forever, but the famous actor has finally shed light on why exactly he didn’t come back.

When Joel Schumacher took over from Tim Burton in making Batman films, the caped crusader’s time in the sun came crashing down. Val Kilmer, who played Bruce Wayne in the 3rd film, expressed his animosity towards not only making the film but also his director Schumacher.


Schumacher felt the same apparently, as he called Kilmer “the most psychologically troubled human being I’ve ever worked with.”

Val Kilmer Speaks Out

batman forever - val kilmer

Many rumors over the years have suggested reasons behind Val Kilmer’s departure from the series, citing that he decided not to return for Batman & Robin either because of a scheduling conflict with his other movie The Saint or that Schumacher himself did not want the star back.

But now Kilmer has finally given fans the truth behind why he did not come back, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Kilmer told the New York Times that he hated wearing the batsuit, as it was uncomfortable. Which one, we wonder: the black nipple suit or the silver suit?

He mentioned having to continue to wear the suit one day because billionaire Warren Buffett brought his grandkids to the set. When the Buffet kids arrived, they did not care about meeting Kilmer, they just wanted to wear the mask and play with the Batmobile. To be fair, who wouldn’t?

It looks like this incident made the role of Batman less great in Kilmer’s eyes, since he is a method actor who takes his craft very seriously. Here was his final conclusion on the matter:

“That’s why it’s so easy to have five or six Batmans. It’s not about Batman. There is no Batman.”

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Source: IGN