McFarlane’s name is synonymous with Spawn, Spider-Man, and Venom, for comic book fans and a crossover with these three characters might be just the unexpected event that could draw fans back in. If ever there was a reason to think outside of the box and create crossover and major events targeted towards longtime fans, it’s now. Rewarding fans for their ongoing loyalty to comics and their local comic book shops by going the extra mile could help stabilize comic book shop once they can open their doors again.

Todd McFarlane Spawn

Publishers will need to put in a bit of extra work to entice people back into comic book shops and spending their money on comics after the pandemic. And if McFarlane is to be believed, never before seen or expected event books might be just what is needed. 


McFarlane is also reaching out to fans with his crowd funded 25th anniversary Spawn action figures which should be available later this year.

“The first figure came out in ’95, so technically, we’re at a 25-year anniversary of the release of that original toy,” McFarlane said. “So, there’s a bit of an event, but that first year, the toys also came with a comic book. So, it was this weird combo that you don’t usually get. And so, I was going to experiment with crowdfunding anyway, just to see how it may work out because I’ve obviously, I’ve sold to small stores, big stores, and Internet sites.”

McFarlane’s kickstarter surpassed its goal of $100,000 recently, long before the kickstarter is set to end on May 8, 2020.

“I’ve done it through my own, but I’ve never done a crowdfunding. And so, it’s an experiment. I don’t know how it will or will not work until I do it. So, at some point, I just said, ‘It’s time for us to do it.’ And now you combine it with what’s happening in the world in real-time and all the comic shops essentially going dark, so there’s no comic books. But it doesn’t mean that our geekiness goes away. We’re still fans, it’s just we don’t have access now to new books, and to something fun that reminds us that we’re geeks.”

Would you be excited about a Todd McFarlane Spawn/Spider-Man/Venom crossover? Do you want to see other event books when comic shops reopen? Are you excited about the 25th anniversary Spawn action figure? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.