In a recent interview, professional wrestler and musician Elias shares his thoughts on WWE and his disappointment with his current position with the company.

WWE’s current acoustic rock star, Elias, was on a recent episode of Busted Open. Elias was asked about his guitar and how much time he spends on the guitar and practicing.

“I have a passion for playing music and playing guitar and I’m always thinking of new ways to note, new riffs, sit there jam around on my guitar, new ways to interact with the crowd, new catchphrases, whatever it may be. So I’m just waiting for the door to open up just a little bit so I can bust through it, you know what I’m saying, that’s all I’m asking for.”

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Wrestlers and guitars are not a new thing in the least, but to have the two so connected hasn’t happened in a long time. Two wrestlers come to mind right away. The first is Jeff Jarrett, but it was a prop he would occasionally use and wasn’t so connected to his character. However, the other is The Honky Tonk Man. He was very connected to his guitar and was always hitting people with that dang thing.


Everyone Has To Deal With Disappointment, But How Does Elias Deal With It?

Elias is young and hungry for his big chance.  However, every wrestler has to deal with setbacks and disappointments.  He was asked how he deals with these issues.

“I always kind of have this hope that holds out that, ya know what, soon enough, they’re gonna hear the crowd, they’re gonna see what’s going on, and they’re gonna go, alright, it’s time to pull the trigger, so to speak, with Elias and make this happen. 

And you know, without giving too much away here, I had a big, a very big, disappointment here as far as WrestleMania coming up. I thought some things were really going to happen for Elias, things went one way or another, and we’re not so sure what’s going on now. But I have to check myself sometimes. Some things are out of my control. What I can control is my performance when I’m on television and if I can give 100% and standout in some way or another, sooner or later, it’s going to break through,” Elias said

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It’s unclear why he thinks the storyline won’t be happening. The storyline could have been scrapped because of the two-night WrestleMania changes or perhaps it’s simply postponed and not killed.

WWE Elias
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Elias On The Freedom Of Going Off-Script

Some wrestlers need to have everything planned out for them. They like to go from A to B to C and it gives them the comfort to give each point 100 percent. However, others like the freedom to go from C to A to B and then D. They like the freedom to change things on the fly if needed.

Elias was also asked if he believes WWE should be less scripted.

“You want to feel like you’re watching something organic, I mean Triple H is up there doing the whole thing, and it’s not like he’s memorizing a script and repeating that, and that doesn’t feel good. Wrestling’s very much about the way it feels. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to create a lot of my own verbiage and things like that because of my character, so I’m all for less scripting and more of allowing the wrestlers to kind of find themselves. In doing so, it’ll be sink or swim, and then you really will create the best of the best in doing so that way, so, yeah, I’m all for it, less scripting, more letting the guys speak from their heart and saying the words they would say,” Elias said.

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WWE Elias
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Elias’ Role Has Diminished, But Soon Enough We Will All “Walk With Elias”

Elias’ role in the WWE right now is unfortunately to be the butt of the joke and to take the spear from Goldberg, or whoever WWE wants to push. However, he’s really good and has a lot of potential. He’s the wrestler everyone hates, but they love to hate him. Elias has a lot of charisma and that is something you just have or you don’t.


I remember one of the first matches I watched with Elias. It was him versus Roman Reigns on Raw and it was an amazing match. It got a lot of buzz on the internet. That match opened a lot of people’s eyes on how good he truly is.

Elias is always floating around WWE and still gets a lot of TV time. Around WrestleMania is always a little weird time of the year. Storylines often get put on hold until after ‘Mania. Elias just needs to be patient and we’ll see what post-Mania looks like.

Do you agree with Elias’ points?  Do you want to see more or less Elias?  Make sure you walk with Elias over to the comments and let us know what you think!


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