In light of Warner Brothers Television and Disney stopping production on various projects, Netflix has also stopped all of their US and Canadian productions in an effort to slow the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is unknown currently how many projects have been shuttered, but Stranger Things and Grace and Frankie are 2 of the many projects that are having their production shut down. This is not good for Stranger Things, because they were in pre-production, and getting geared up to start shooting.

Netflix Productions Taking A Break

netflix stranger things

Now, the shows and movies that were either in pre-production or already in production will be shut down for two weeks, as Netflix said this is “due to government restrictions and health/safety precautions.”

These production could start back up in 2 weeks, but there is also the possibility that productions stay shut down for longer than that if the virus remains uncontained. In that case, the release dates for a lot of projects could be significantly moved.

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Source: Comic Book