David Tennant’s son Ty hopes to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps to become the third person in his family to portray the legendary character of The Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who.

Ty Tennant, adopted son of David Tennant, is already carving out a fairly successful acting career of his own. He has appeared in BBC’s Casualty and Tolkien, and is set to appear in the upcoming thriller War of the Worlds based on the famous novel by H.G. Wells. The new adaptation is set to debut on Fox next month.


David Tennant Passes On The Family Tradition

Ty has expressed an interest in continuing his acting career, following in the same steps as his father and grandfather when it comes to potentially playing the Doctor one day. Recently, in an interview with Sunday Post, he went into detail about just how important of a responsibility it is playing The Doctor.

“Doctor Who is such a massive thing to take on. Whoever is truly right for it will get the role. If I am granted that, I will certainly do my best.”

David Tennant previously played the tenth doctor from 2005 to 2010, which is when he met Ty’s mother, Georgia Moffett. She played his clone Jenny in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter.” The two were later married, and David adopted Ty. Georgia’s father, Pete Davidson, also played an iteration of The Doctor. He was, in fact, the fifth Doctor from 1982 to 1984.

It would be pretty cool to be the third iteration of The Doctor in one family! Who knows, maybe one day he will get the chance to jump at that role!

Source: Sunday Post