The wait is finally over. Nintendo has broken its dry spell of Nintendo Directs. Tuesday saw them reveal on Twitter their intentions for a brand-new, Animal Crossing-centered event, which will be happening later this month.

As previously established, eager fans of the company were starting to get antsy as the release of its next big game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, draws closer and closer. One of the biggest events that the gaming company holds is Nintendo Direct, which they tend to do fairly regularly. The last event was way back in September. The next one’s been a long time coming and fans are appreciative of the wait finally coming to an end.

Nintendo Direct’s New Focus

The Nintendo Direct will focus primarily on Animal Crossing, which has been long-since hyped and divisive among gamers. There are those who are excited for the return of the property, while other skeptical fans can only see the weird, clearly money-driven decisions on Nintendo’s part. This is just an extension of changes made within the gaming company, especially since the mobile phone market proved profitable for them.


This has led to some annoyed consumers as they play their free-to-play mobile titles, with subscriptions just to get the full experience. With the iffy way that Nintendo is going about its mobile titles, it’s hard to tell if they’ll realize things are completely different on PC and console markets.

Nintendo Direct to be Animal Crossing-focused

The Animal Crossing-focused Nintendo Direct will take place Thursday.

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