Deepfake technology continues to improve by the day, and in nearly every case becoming more realistic. However, this new one is so incredibly convincing that you would be forgiven for believing that this was reboot of Back To The Future starring two big MCU alums.

YouTube user EZRyderX47 has created an impressive rendering of the 1985 Robert Zemeckis classic, Back To The Future. In this video, we see a version of the film where the famous leads of the film are replaced by Iron Man and Spider-Man themselves; Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland.


Back To The Deepfake Future

If you watch the video, you will see how the faces and the voices are perfectly lined up with the original film. Not to mention that the faces and the voices of the actors are inserted with some pinpoint accuracy. It’s really something to see.

Many have said over the years that you could never recast Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in their respective roles, as the concept of a reboot would completely squander the original film. However, if someone were to attempt a reboot of the Back To The Future franchise, you can’t get much more meta than the casting of RDJ and Tom Holland. It’s certainly something that would be pretty pleasing for many fans.

Did you enjoy this particular deepfake, and have you seen any others that are scarily accurate? Let us know in the comments below.