Kicking things off with a bang, Batman: The Adventures Continue jumps right into the action with a robot doing a smash and grab at Wayne Enterprises. Lex Luthor turns up, and while Batman is trying to find out if these two events are connected, a mysterious figure is skulking around the shadows of Gotham, pulling strings and keeping the heroes on their toes. This figure more than likely has a white streak and more angst than a Hawthorne Heights song, and a name that rhymes with Shmed Shmood. But we wouldn’t have him any other way. Hopefully this means more Batman family conflict in and out of masks. Dini also teases that his favorite issue involves Azrael rampaging around the city. Here is a look at the comic via EW:

Via Ty Templetom/DC/EW

It gives me a feeling of pride and satisfaction to know there are certain elements I introduced to the world that have gone on to become iconic. I guess I feel the same way that Bill Finger, Denny O’Neil, or Jerry Robinson felt when they would introduced a character that would click and it would go on to have this history

Dini via EW

While many things that came from the 90s really should stay there. This is something that I’m delighted to see make a come back in a new reimagined form. This is how you play on nostalgia and update it for new audiences. Even the synopsis and interviews have us all buzzing and squealing into our ancient hooded Batman towels, so I can’t wait to see how Batman: The Adventure Continue plays out!

Do you have any theories about how the comic could go? Who are you excited to see return, and who do you hope they include in the comic? Let’s talk about it in the comment section and on social media!