The Titans crew is about to get even bigger in Season 3, with rumors floating that familiar names like Barbara Gordon, Roy Harper and even Lex Luthor are dipping their toe into DC Universe’s flagship show.

The last one is the least surprising, given that Titans‘ second largely focused on the Luthor-funded Cadmus project and introduced viewers to his part-clone “son” Conner (Joshua Orpin). But that doesn’t make these new additions any less messy, especially after that season came under fire for focusing too much on tertiary characters and flashbacks instead of the core four heroes.

No one wants Titans to flounder. Fans love the individual characters and have been longing to see another strong DC television team-up, especially with the side characters who don’t get as much spotlight as their mentors despite being equally as beloved. Let’s take a look at how the show can avoid their past mistakes and move forward into a (literally) brighter future, with a series that audiences are only too happy to follow.


Titans Shouldn’t Make Babs Want Dick

titans dick and babs

In a show full of brawn and not particularly heavy on brains, it wouldn’t hurt to add a “guy in the chair” to help poor Gar (Ryan Potter) make sense of the chaos his teammates cause – especially since Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) was inexplicably killed off for now.

But one thing Titans has more than enough of is love lines that go nowhere, so please do not put Babs through the ringer by adding another romantic complication to Dick’s (Brenton Thwaites) plate. The show already fell flat on its face by ignoring the obvious chemistry between Dick and Kory (Anna Diop) for an entire year after putting them together for an episode in Season 1. Then, to make matters more annoying, they went ahead and mined the love-triangle-from-a-decade-ago with Dawn (Minka Kelly) and Hank (Alan Ritchson). And it was worth nothing, because Hawk and Dove have more than enough issues without throwing ten Dick flashbacks into the mix.

Given how poor the romances on the series have been executed thus far, and how tepidly they have been received, there is no need to transfer the comic book canon romance between Barbara and Dick onto the small screen. Not yet, anyway. It’s far more important to establish how she fits into the team than who she fits with.

On that note: if they can avoid the The Killing Joke as origin story for Babs, even better. According to reports, the casting call was for actresses who use wheelchairs – which is excellent in terms of representation. But that doesn’t mean her role as Oracle needs to come about through sexual violence, even if the Joker (who was already mentioned on the show) is still responsible. She’s also meant to be the Commissioner of GCPD after her father’s death, which… Is a choice, but perhaps it means Dick will somehow be involved in police work again.

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