WWE May Buy And Add Content Of Their Own

I don’t think the Network is going away anytime soon.  Personally, I think it will be the one buying and adding content from outside sources.  There has been buzz about WWE adding other wrestling promotions’ content like ROH, NJPW, EVOLVE and NOAH.  However, as the great Ted Dibiase would say, “everybody’s got a price.” We will see what happens with the Network in this 2020 first quarter.

If WWE were to remove their PPVs from the Network, I would cancel my subscription.  I only use the Network to watch PPVs at this point, and if they remove them, there would be no reason for me to have a membership.  A lot of people would do the same, I think, and they would lose a lot of subscribers.


WWE Network
Courtesy Of WWE

Call Me Triple H, I Have Ideas

What I would like to see from the Network is the addition of more curated content.  An example would be a theme of the week or month.  Maybe this week is Lance Storm week, and on Monday they showcase a great match from his ECW days before doing a WCW one of Tuesday and finally one from WWE on Wednesday. 

They could do a Black History Month and each day showcase a black wrestler’s match. During October, they could showcase demonic characters. They could even do a week where a current or former wrestler picks some of their favorite matches with a short intro talking about why they liked it and how it influenced them.

What would you like to see the Network add?  Do you think WWE will sell rights to some of or all of their content to a subscription service like ESPN+?  Would you cancel your membership if they remove PPVs from the Network?  Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments and hit us up on social media.

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