No PPVs On The WWE Network But Ads Instead?

An analyst asked about whether any content would be off-limits to move off the Network to a third-party streaming service such Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania PPVs.  Riddick responded in the negative and said there would be nothing stopping them from doing that kind of transaction.

Another question was asked about putting in ads into the Network ,as McMahon had talked about doing that in the past and they wanted to know if that was still a possibility to increase revenue.

“That’s a possibility,” McMahon said.  “We can leave that open, but again, right now, I mean, if we continue on as the Network pretty much as is, then we’re definitely going to consider that. If, in fact, we’re looking to enhance revenue, that would be up to our partners.”

It’s no secret that the Network is not performing as WWE had hoped.  I don’t believe it is a failure by any means, but it has fewer subscribers than they had hoped.  It would be reasonable for WWE to add in ads, especially for the free tier they launched in December.  If a deal doesn’t happen with WWE selling some Network stuff off, I’d say be ready for an occasional ad.


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AEW Has Vince Shaking In His Boots…Or Maybe Not

An analyst asked McMahon if AEW has changed WWE’s content.  The WWE has been competing directly with AEW for the past four months, and AEW is trying to fill a void in wrestling with edgier content.

“AEW has not changed our content at all, because it’s all about characters and story lines and resolutions,” McMahon said.  “So it really hasn’t changed our point of view in terms of what we present and we don’t need more edgy, as you call it, content PG. We’re the few programs out there that really is PG. So, that’s — as far as NXT, we’re competing — NXT is competing on Wednesday night with AEW and doing extremely well. And we’re confident that NXT will continue on with its success.”

WWE is the standard for everyone else to catch up to, while AEW is still new and shaky. If something money-related happens, for example, AEW will most likely crumble.  WWE is ready for the long-haul, but AEW may not have the stamina for that. At this point, WWE doesn’t really have anything to fear from AEW.

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