Disney may have played a tight and gloriously choreographed battle-focused TV spot for Mulan during the Super Bowl, but they also unveiled the final trailer online.

It’s two and a half minutes of incredible scenery, terrible yet beautiful depictions of war, and most of all a clear narrative for the heroine of China. From the initial Khan (Jason Scott Lee) invasion and the participation of the witch Xianniang (Gong Li) to the sacrifice that Mulan (Yifei Liu) makes for her father, it’s easy to see what material is being kept from the Disney original and what is being remodeled. Check out the full trailer on the film’s official twitter, or watch the Youtube video below:


A Reflection Of Who Mulan Is Inside

The first thing that stands out, aside from how believable Yifei Liu is as her father’s “son,” is how fierce the bloody battles look. Mulan has always been one of the more realistic Disney classics, talking miniature dragons aside, because it’s grounded in China’s rich history. The live-action takes it a step farther with the impeccable staging of the ongoing war, and the choice to incorporate a sorceress instead of, say, a lucky cricket.

Furthermore, a woman’s touch is very much needed in a story that explores the lines society draws when it comes to gender. Niki Caro has already made her mark known with this latest trailer, and we look forward to seeing how she weaves the story of Hua Mulan when the movie comes out on March 27.

Are you more convinced than ever by the latest Mulan trailer, or do you still want to trend #JusticeForShang? Let us know in the comments below.