Patrick Stewart May Not Be Returning, But Professor X Is…

However this story shakes out, Professor X won’t be the first mutant seen in the MCU. The upcoming release of The New Mutants, looks to be the first primer for the slow roll out of X-Men characters. There have been heavy rumors that Marvel and Feige aren’t looking to make a big splash with the re-introduction of the X-Men in their own film, initially. Instead, rumblings indicate that Feige is hoping to slowly acquaint audiences with individual X-Men characters in various properties. He’s attempting to play the long game, so when the next X-Men ensemble film is finally released, it’s an event film for the ages.

Another aspect to consider is where Feige is considering to introduce Professor X. There is no X-Men film on the MCU slate, however a wealthy educator, activist, and philanthropist like Xavier, could fit into a lot of future projects ranging from the big screen down to a future Disney+ show. However, the most logical fit would be in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Simply because the nature of the film’s premise allows for literally anything to be on the table, as the Sorcerer Supreme will be traversing alternate dimensions that would allow for such a cameo.

Just as important, Stewart made it clear that the Marvel meeting was about the future of Charles Xavier within the MCU. So despite his own lack of involvement, Professor X should be appearing on-screen relatively soon. It’s easy to imagine a big board on the casting wall over in the offices of Marvel Studios, with a list of possible replacement actors for the role. Since 2008’s Iron Man, it’s been clear that Marvel Studios’ casting department is top notch, so we can expect more of the same when the X-Men make their triumphant return.

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Source: Digital Spy