The Batman suit has been a matter of much discussion in recent months, with the Matt Reeves film heading towards production. Ever since Robert Pattinson was cast as the infamous Dark Knight, various rumors and other storyline details have swirled around.

Recently, Thomas Polito of Geeks World Wide tweeted about the suit for The Batman film potentially being blue and grey. This would make it very similar to the classic Jim Lee designs, and certainly something comic book fans could enjoy. But Kris Tapley, formerly of Variety, has now posted a contradictory report in a now-deleted tweet.

The Batman: Change Is In The Air

the batman lee bermejo suit

While there’s no confirmation, the tweet claimed that Batman would introduce Bruce Wayne’s alter ego using a design from Lee Bermejo rather than the previously mentioned Jim Lee one.

This particular suit, with its more rugged design and combat-ready additions, has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It seems to fit well with Pattinson’s younger Bruce character, and will be sure to have viewers talking.

Batman-News found fanart of Robert Pattinson in that getup from the Instagram stories of Lee Bermejo himself, so there’s at least one person who very much wants to see it happen.

Are you looking forward to this suit for The Batman? Either way, we’ll find out the truth when production starts up in a few weeks.