A Quiet Place Part II amped up anticipation by releasing a teaser trailer last month. But with a new year comes a new sneak peek in the first full-length trailer for the thrilling sequel.

A Quiet Place‘s Unusual Triumph

After amassing nearly $350M in the worldwide box office, there was no doubt that A Quiet Place would continue the post-apocalyptic tale of the Abbott family’s survival. But one question very much on everyone’s mind was how in the world they could survive.

a quiet place part II cillian murphy

If the trailer is any indication, they do so by teaming up with other survivors – such as Cillian Murphy in an intriguing new role. But now a new question arises: are these survivors even worth saving?

It’s a question reminiscent of later seasons of The Walking Dead, and certainly expands John Krasinki’s film far beyond its original premise. Perhaps that new theme is enough to justify the existence of a sequel – aside from “to make more money,” of course.

Either way, watching Emily Blunt and her character’s children kick butt is reason enough for many. And with fellow humans as yet another threat, there’s plenty more challenges for everyone in the film to face.

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