This week we’ve covered a lot of what Respawn has introduced to Apex Legends over the course of 2019, including festive Holiday Events, gimmick-focused Themed Events, the game’s many weapons changes, and character-inspired Town Takeovers. Today, we looked at Ranked Mode!

When Respawn launched Apex Legends, almost everyone who played it demanded some way to prove that they were, beyond the shadow of a doubt, better than other Apex players. Some badge of honor or title that would allow them to display their superiority over bots and their overall dominance of the arena.

Some sort of… ranking system, one might say.

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues

Both seasons of Ranked Leagues work in, essentially, the same way:

  • Drop in with two teammates
  • Get docked points as an “entry fee” for the match
  • Earn points for each kill (or assist, as of Season 2), to a maximum of 5 kills
  • Earn points for placement in each match, with a 1st-place finish scoring the most points
  • Try not to die
  • Accumulate points to climb the ladder to the coveted Apex Predator tier

Ranked Tiers

Apex Legends Ranked Badges
If you want an official explanation of Ranked, check out the EA website here.

The advancement ladder for Apex Ranked mode is divided up into tiers, ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator. The tiers are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Apex Predator

Within each tier, there are four levels, evocatively designated I through IV. Players started their Ranked careers at Bronze IV, and progressed through Bronze I before entering the Silver tier, at level Silver IV.

As players advance through the tiers, the “entry fee” in points increases. At Bronze tier, there is no entry fee, meaning players cannot lose points if they die early in a match without scoring kills. Once in Silver tier or above, however, players can lose points and subsequently get knocked down one level within their current tier, but not into a lower tier.

For example, losing points can knock players back from Silver I to Silver II, but not from Silver IV to Bronze I. On the next page, we’ll compare Ranked Mode for the seasons.