Mandalorian Episode 4 – The Shock Trooper

mandalorian shock trooper

The character Cara Dune was bound to be badass from the moment she was introduced going toe-to-toe with Mando, but her backstory pushed her reputation even further. She’s revealed to be an ex-Rebel Shock Trooper, which is not a concept new to the Star Wars universe.

First introduced in Revenge of the Sith and seen even more in The Clone Wars and Rebels animates series, the Shock Troopers were the most elite commando units in the Galaxy. Whether they were serve the Republic,the Empire, or the Rebel Alliance the name “shock trooper” denotes an immense level of skill and capability.

Mandalorian Episode 5 – No Good

mandalorian boba fett

With Mando’s look, not-really Mandalorian background, and history motivated by slain family there are already plenty of parallels between him and Boba Fett. Episode 5 really hammers in the comparison, however, when Mando directly quotes one of the few bits of dialogue Boba had in the original movies.

Despite being such a massive fan favorite character, it’s easy to forget that Boba Fett said very little in the 2 original films he appeared in. “He’s no good to me dead” is one of only 4 lines of dialogue Boba Fett had.

Hoping to collect on the bounty of the assassin he captured, Mando says in Episode 5 “She’s no good to me dead.” It couldn’t be a more clear parallel and comes after plenty others between the two characters. There’s still 3 more episodes to go, so if fans want another season they should hope Mando stays away from any Sarlaac Pits.